Saturday, January 16, 2010

POKéMON RANGER GAME #3 and Some Info on Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver!

Recently, information has been released about the third Pokémon Ranger video game. Though the information is scarce, we can tell that it will be very different, though similar to its predecessors. Here, there is a page of information about the game. It is translated from French to English with Google Translator. Click here for the original page. Not much light has been shed on it, but I know a little bit. I know that its translated Japanese name is Pokémon Ranger: Tracks of Light and the game is coming out March 6th in Japan. People in Japan can download a trial of the game from the Wii Nintendo Channel starting January 29th. Now, for the Pokémon HG & SS info! It is coming out in the United States of America on March 14th 2010. That is 100% true information. The United Kingdom copy is coming out on March 26th 2010. Only 12 days after the American release. This came from the Official Nintendo Magazine of the UK, but has yet to be said in a Press Release, so it may change at any time. Coming with the game is the new Pokéwalker. You put a Pokémon in it through wireless, and put it on like a pedometer. You walk, it gets experience points. You also get to choose a route to "walk on" in your Pokéwalker. You then encounter Pokémon while walking depending on what route you chose. You start out with few routes, and eventually get more. Well, that's all I have for now! Some info obtained by on this page. Thank you for reading!

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