Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Wow, this is kinda late, isn't it? But anyway, MERRRRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! Happy Hanukkah! Great Kwanzaa!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Russian Believix!!

Same as the title says, A RUSSIAN BELIEVIX!! Wowza, that came fast, didn't it? Here it is!! It can also be found in the All Believix section of the Episodes Page.

Awesome, right!? I really like it! So, what do you think? Tell us in a comment! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Laugh Some More!!

Once again, a Pokemon joke.

Haha! The other one, I must say, was funnier. But this is still funny!

Collection? Complete.

I thought that this was post-worthy.
On Friday, December 11th, 2009, I got the final card that I needed to complete my set of first-generation Pokemon cards! I gave up collecting cards in grade 6 (five years ago) but now I'm going to start collecting again :D

Yeah, I'm proud of myself.

(My Venusaur is a little different than the card in the picture... mine is full holofoil card, like the green border is holofoil)

To Make You Laugh

If you get this, awesome. If you don't, go and read up on some Pokemon. Trust me, if you get it, you won't be able to stop laughing. I couldn't!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Winx Singing Contest!!

I made it on YouTube. You must make a new video. Watch the contest video for full explanation.

Thanks guys!! Please enter! Thanks!

Monday, December 7, 2009

German Winx Website!!

(Thanks to Winx-Fairies for posting all of the URL's. I will not take them and post them here, because you found out first. But I will post the German site's pictures and possibly do the same for Russian, because you have not yet posted those. Thank you) 

1. They still have some important things not translated.

La Registrazione è completata!

Fra breve riceverai una email di conferma. Se non dovesse arrivare, cerca tra la posta indesiderata!

That is Italian for:  

Registration is complete!

Shortly receive an email confirmation. If it does not get there, search for junk mail!

2.  I made an account and got the confirmation email.  I will not put it here (It's WAY too big) but I will say, it was also in Italian.

3. After clicking the confirmation link in the email, I was brought to a page on the German site....ALSO ITALIAN!!

(I just want to say, the game part of the site is fully translated except the loading. It says "Looking for Fairies" and other stuff in English in while the game is loading.)

4. The German site DOES have Faragonda!! Cool! But only the Night Wings are there for the Specialists. Not those big angelic wings. Girls wings, I don't know about.

5. Look at this:

1. It's in English on the German site.

6. Look! It's English again!

7. eyeshape_01 name????
    eyeshape_01 desc????    Wow. You'd think they'd name it. I guess not.


8. Notice that the ad in the top-right corner isn't there. Other than that, an awesome pic.

Thanks for reading everybody!!! (NOTE: I noticed that the pictures do not fully show. Just click on them and you'll be brought to a page with nothing but the picture on it. Look at the picture, which is now big enough to see the whole thing, and then just hit the back button on your browser. Thanks!!)

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I heard this from an inside source:

"I got some info for you

Miss cassiopea said that the site's crew is working on getting all the language versions back up!! That means the french site is just the beginning of many others! =D"...

YAYS!! I also came across this video on YouTube from gdaawinxqwerty:


Cool!! So, we're gonna get plenty more Winx! Thanks for reading!!

Winx & Bakugan Relation...?

Look at this picture on a Bakugan Forumotion site:

Now, click on the picture and look at the New Topic and Post Reply buttons. THEY ARE THE SAME AS THE WINX CLUB FORUM BUTTONS!! I would get you a picture of them too, but the WHOLE SITE isn't working for me today. Wow! Thanks for reading!

Evil Rises Chapter 3!!

Here it is! What you have all been waiting for...EVIL RISES CHAPTER 3!!!!

(This story is going along by the theory that the Winx reverted back to Enchantix when going back to Magix and get Believix once again when they visit Earth. This story takes place during Season 5)    
                                                      Evil Rises
                                        Chapter 3: The Dark Labyrinth
“Ugh...Musa? Musa, is that you?”

“Is that you Layla?”

“UGH!” yelled Layla and Musa when they bonked heads.

“Layla, I’m so glad you’re OK!”

“No, I’m glad you’re OK!”

“Layla, why did you jump after me?”

“Because, I couldn’t let you get hurt. You’re one of my best friends.”

“Awww, thank you! But where are we?”

“Hmmm…I’m assuming the basement of Alfea. But if we were, why would it look this ancient?”

“I don’t know. But I do know that I have a bad feeling about this place.”

Musa and Layla walked around trying to find an exit for hours. But they couldn’t. After much walking, they leaned against a wall to rest.

“Wow…we’ve been walking…a really long time” said Layla as she breathed heavily.

“I know...WAIT! We passed here 10 minutes ago!”

“Oh no…”

“What is it?”

“I know where we are. I can’t believe I didn’t realize before! We’re in…THE DARK LABYRINTH JAIL ON TIDES!!” yelled Layla.

“How in the world did we get here!?”

Dear dear fairies, how dumb of you not to even consider me to be a part of this!”

“Baltor! You won’t defeat us!” yelled Musa.

I already have! I teleported you into a giant maze in another realm. You think you can win? Ahh, you two make me laugh!


*********************Transforming Music**************************
“HAH!” screamed Musa. “HARMONIC ATTACK!!”

Ooh, that tickled! Oh wait, no it didn’t! PSYCHIC BLAST!

“Ahhh!” yelped Musa and Layla both in pain.

Do you think you can still win now? Bwahahaha!

*Poof* And he disappeared.

“Ooohh…we…have to figure out a way to get out of here…” said Layla

“We will Layla. We will.”

(I hope you liked it! Sorry it took so long! I’ve been REALLY BUSY lately. Thanks guys!)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Winx: The Fairy Mission

As previously reported on, here's the live show "Winx Club: The Fairy Mission" from Singapore.

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Part 3 -

Part 4 -

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