Friday, October 30, 2009

Season 4 Singaporean Premiere?

I found this on YouTube -

While using season 3 clips, I began to wonder as soon as Bloom said, "You can always count on us. We're here for you - all of us." It sounds like something she'd say to Roxy and I don't remember her saying in season 3.

Then this showed up -

'Nuff said.

RAI English Season 4 is rumored in start in November, so who knows?

Is Roxy an offical Winx? Is Sophix Gone?

I was watching Episode 20 Season 4 of Winx Club (AWESOME!!) and when I watched the Episode 21 preview, I noticed two things:

1. They said "Le Winx" (The Winx) instead of "Le Winx e Roxy" (The Winx and Roxy). Yay! Maybe Rainbow will stop teasing us and call Roxy a Winx!

2. I noticed this too: (I wrote the text) See? It's Believix, not Sophix! Well, does that make everyone happy? Believix is back! If they use Sophix again I'll tell you! Thanks for reading!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Like Paint: Edited Roxy

Same as title. I like paint. Bloomerica, this is the picture you posted a while ago.

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope this inspires you to make your own! I'm thinking of making a Fan Creation page...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Winx Sophix Pictures

For those of you who didn't/can't watch the video, here are some pictures of the Sophix that I took with the Print Screen button and wrote on them. (I was in the mood to play with Paint).

Thanks for reading!

Winx Sophiex

A totally new outfit , transformations !!! but the wings's shape never changed it's called Sophiex , two new transformation in one season ! cool isn't it , but i like Believix outfit better , that's only me , what about you ?? which one do you like best ??

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Robin's Intro

Hi! I'm robin, a writer. I have my own blog called PokeWinx. I will write about both Winx Club and pokemon.

I live in New Hampshire,USA. Been living there all my life.

I been a Huge fan of winx club I started watching it episode three on in 2004. My favorite winx fairy Flora, while Brandon is my favorite guy. My faveorite fairy form is Enchantix I really like the design and the bottles of fairy dust are beauiful.

(On to pokemon stuff now)
I been watching pokemon from the start. My favorite season is season 2 the orange Islands. My favorite pokemon are the following Pidgeot,Grovyle, and piplup.

Thats all for now,

Winx Edited Believix!(By Bloomerica)

Roxy's Camping Outfit!

Bloomerica's Intro.

Hi, everyone! I'm Bloomerica, Admin. and owner of Winx Club 4 Ever! I asked Ian if I could join his blog and he said yes, so I figured I should put up and introduction.

I'm from Canada, Ontario and currently still lives there.

I've been a HUGE Winx fan ever since it came out in 2004. My fave Winx fairy is Bloom, and my favorite guy is Sky. I love the plot they have for the fourth seaason.

I've discovered Winx-Fairies while looking up pictures on the net of the fourth season. (I know, weird way to discover a blog right?). After that, I've been inspired to make my own blog. Phoebe helped me with everything and I couldn't have done it without her. After that, I've read a whole bunch of Winx FanFic and decided to write my own. I'm working on When A Part Is Gone right now.

There are 5 authors on my blog. I am the first, Ginny is the second. Ginny was the winner of my contest and won the prize of being an author of my blog. The third is Phoebe, I've given her the position because of everything she's done for me. The fourth is VeronikaStella, My best friend who made an acount two days ago. And The fifth is my other friend believixMUSA, owner of Winxclubnowand4ever.

I play Bloom in Gracix, a part I got for being the director's friend! I love doing the dubb, especially seing all the hard work everyone put on it at the end of the day.

Pokemon/Spider-Man Fail

I had to put this down:

epic fail pictures

It's from Fail Blog.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ring A Bell?

I filmed this off Episode 17, Season 4 of Winx Club. Does it ring a bell? I think it does:

Who is She?

As said in the title, WHO IS SHE??? This girl with Roxy? Nebula? Morgana, the queen of fairies? Her mother? But what about the girl in the opening that looks like Roxy? Who, oh who is she???? I guess we'll have to wait to find out!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Rainbow Magicland's Map

This is a map of Rainbow Magicland !
Wow ! ain't this big ?

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Hi y'all ! This is Grace ! I'm helping out in Ian's blog ! and I'll update it offen *if i have time*
and Thanks for inviting me Ian !
I'll write more about Winx Club cause i don't really know much about Pokemon except for Ash and Pikachu !

ps : the picture edited by GraceQute :D

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bakugan Wii Game Pictures!

These are some Gameplay pictures (and 2 videos) of the new game: Bakugan Battle Brawlers for Wii which I just got on Tuesday, October 20th! I took these pictures (and filmed these videos) with my camera, so I did not steal anything, therefore I do not have to say "I got this/these from"

Ya like 'em? It's an awesome game. You should all get it! Thanks for reading! Also...GO AND GET THAT GAME! You'll all thank me. Bye! And thanks for reading!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


i am thinking of making a Bloopers page, but I want to see if it will catch on (Unlike Ask Brandon...c'mon people! Give me some questions!) by showing them on the Home Page for a while. Here's one I saw! On Rai English, Season 2 Episode 15, Part 1 by Isciira on YouTube, Stormy's eyeshadow keeps disappearing and reappearing! Look at this on 4:00:

Then this at 4:02:

Then this at 4:05 (After 4:04, a little before 4:06.)
Gone, then back, then gone! Hahahaha! If you have any bloopers, send them, with the picture if you can, and the link you got the picture from (if you didn't take it yourself), and the link to where you were watching it (if on the computer). Thanks for reading everyone! And remember, send it to! Now go and look for some!

Rainbow Magicland!

Corny name, right? So, Rainbow magicland is a theme park based on Iginio Straffi's creations. (Winx Club, Huntik, Monster Allergy, etc.) It is coming out in, about 2 years so...the name'll probably get changed a few times. It will be in Italy. I'm 100,000,000% sure that Winx is going to be in it, Huntik, maybe, Monster Allergy, I hope. I don't watch Monster Allergy (Don't watch, I never said don't/won't like it.), but for all of the fans out there, I am rooting for Monster Allergy! I've seen it once or twice, just don't watch it much. Here is some Concept Art for ya, I got it from Grace Qute who got it from Michael's Winx Club.

Here's the concept art!

Hey! You guys are lucky! I tried and tried to upload the pictures and it would always say that an Internal Error (Whatever that means...) happened. But for you guys, I kept trying and...IT WORKED! Lets give a big HOORAY for Concept Art! YAY CONCEPT ART!! Thanks for reading everybody! :)

Mitzi's a Witch! Literally!

Guess what everybody? Mitzi is a witch! Temporarily of course. Now, I haven't watched the whole episode yet, but this speaks for itself:
And there you have it everyone! Mitzi, the girl everyone knows and hates, is a witch! Here is the link to the part of Episode 15 that I am on. Thanks for reading everybody!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

English Writing in Italian Version???

Take a look at these pictures. They are from Winx Club Season 4 in Italian Episode 15 Part 1 by gdaawinxqwerty. The episode is on this page. Look at these:

Italian Winx Club, with English words??????? Huh??? Can anyone, anyone at all shed some light on this?? Closed is chiuso in Italian, (Chiuso is actually off, but that is what Google Translator said. I can see the relation between off and closed.) and open is aperto! (Aperto is the adjective "open" not the verb. And it does mean "open", unlike chiuso which is off.) Thanks for reading! And also, either post a comment or E-Mail me at if you have the answer. Thanks!

Friend's Blog

My friend made a blog! All about Pokemon! Since I'm kinda focused on Winx Club right now, visit his to see some stuff about Pokemon! He just started so he may not be perfect, but he is really good! Go ahead and check out his blog! Here it is:! Yay! I'm really happy for you Tanman68! (Not sure if he wants his real name up.)Remove Formatting from selectionRemove Formatting from selection
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