Monday, May 31, 2010

Reshiram and Zekrom (Without Background)

I downloaded a program called GIMP that's a lot like Photoshop, and made these with it. They're the original pictures, just cut out of the big picture.

Friday, May 28, 2010



On the English Pokemon website, on entrance, it shows you an entry about the "New Generation of Pokemon" and shows two new Pokemon named Reshiram and Zekrom. I took the following screenshot.

Just visit and check it yourself!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Friend's Website

Hey everyone! A few weeks ago I made a post advertising Phoebe's brother's website, and I'm advertising again! He really needs visitors, and it's a great site, so please visit!! Thanks!!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pokemon Black and White Battle Scene!

This video is what battling will look like in Pokemon Black and White.

Credit goes to Pokemon Dreams.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Generation V Information, Starters' Full Pictures

This is the most recent scan of Corocoro magazine in Japan, releasing much information on Generation V. One thing it says is that the region Generation V is taking place in is called Isshu. It also shows how the Protagonists are going to be slightly older than the previous ones. They seem to be wearing something on their wrists, possibly the new version of the Pokegear/Pokenav/Poketch. On the other page, it shows the new starter Pokemon. PokéBeach says that the city on the top left of the left page is called Hiun City, but it hasn't been directly confirmed. They also said that the starters are named Tsutaaja (ツタージャ), Pokabu (ポカブ), and Mijumaru (ミジュマル), respectively. This also has not been confirmed, and the true names of the starters, whether they are the names above or not, will hopefully be revealed on the next Pokemon Sunday.

Monday, May 10, 2010

New Winx Season 4 Openings


Brazilian Portuguese:

Sunday, May 9, 2010


On today's Pokemon Sunday episode in Japan, the new starters' silhouettes have been shown. This is the picture that was shown in the episode.

Click on it to enlarge it. More information will be posted when it's revealed. Thanks for reading Winx-Bakugan-Pokemon.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Avventura Magica Summary and Movie Pictures

Thanks to Una Di Noi for originally posting this, who got it from Impero dei Cartoni.

Alfea celebrates the inauguration of the new school year when the party is interrupted by Icy, Darcy and Stormy, the perfidious Trix. The Winx, without Bloom, are forced to remedy the confusion created by the witches who, having ruined the party, steal a powerful and mysterious object. Meanwhile, Bloom is on Domino, experiencing the best moments of her new life as a princess. She finally found her parents, and Sky asks her to marry him. But not all that glitters is gold; the Three Ancestral Witches, in fact, come back to haunt Stella, Layla, Tecna, Musa, Flora and Bloom. Moreover, Erendor, Sky’s father, forbids his son to marry the princess of Domino. A dark secret lies in the realm of Eraklyon. Meanwhile, with the help of Trix, the Ancestresses are able to find the Tree of Life that holds the positive and negative balance of magic. With a powerful spell, they break this balance and suck all the good energy from Magix. Bloom and her friends find themselves powerless and forced to again confront the witches, the symbol of all evil. Will our heroes find a way to restore balance in the Magical Dimension? And what is the secret that separates Sky and Bloom? Will their love survive this new test? Between hilarious gags and moments of real magic, the Winx return to fly.

So, Roxy isn't mentioned at all in the summary, but maybe she'll be in the movie, because it is still months away from the Italian release. And, the Trix are back! I'm happy about that, they were my second favorite villains. The used to be my favorite, but when the English Season 4 came out, the Fairy Hunters became my favorite. What's your favorite villain, leave it in the comments!! They also mention the secret. I wonder what that's all about. Some people are spreading the rumor that Sky is adopted, but that's just that, a rumor. Now, for the movie pictures!! (And a movie poster.) Thanks to Winx-Fairies and Winx-Fashion.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Winner's Path Route On The Pokéwalker!

Hi everyone! I recently read on (the link to the article is here) that a new Pokéwalker course is to be released onto Wi-Fi on May 6th to June 25th! It has a lot of rare Pokémon with rare items, and it would be a great addition to your list of routes for your Pokéwalker! Here are the Pokémon located in it:

MagikarpOcca Berry0Very Low
BronzorWacan Berry0Very Low
DuskullReaper Cloth3,000Low
HorseaDragon Scale3,000Low
BeldumShuca Berry8,000High
Very High

And the items:

Chesto Berry0Very Low
Persim Berry500Low
Lum Berry1,000High
Sitrus Berry2,000High
White Herb5,000Very High
Power Herb6,000Very High
Choice Specs7,000Very High
Choice Band8,000Very High
Choice Scarf9,000Very High
Focus Sash10,000Very High

If any of you have any questions, like what does a certain item do or how to access the Wi-Fi gift, just ask in the comments! Thanks for reading!

Monday, May 3, 2010

A New Pokemon To Be Revealed On May 9th

In the new Pokemon Sunday on May 9th, a new Pokemon is supposed to be revealed. It may be a new Pokemon, or it may be a new silhouette like when Zoroark was first revealed. This will be the third Generation 5 Pokemon known so far. Not much information has been put out about the games or the movie, I'll update if there is. Thanks for choosing Winx-Bakugan-Pokemon as your website!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Goodbye to Tara

As you all know, Tara (Or, Stars_and_Fire) recently joined the Winx-Bakugan-Pokemon family. Some of you may have noticed that her name disappeared from the contributors list. Well, something happened between me and her, and she can't write on the blog anymore, nor can she write on Winx-Fairies. No, there were no fights and we're still friends, but it is private and I don't want to go too far into it. She won't be able to leave any more comments or posts on her other blogs, because they have been deleted and so has her Blogger account. The only account left is her account, but she won't be able to post anymore, and the account may or may not be deleted. I have saved some of her stories in case of that, and Phoebe has saved all of them, for you to read if it's deleted. Sorry to everyone about this. Tara is also very sorry, but she has no choice. Thank you all for reading this post, and hopefully Tara will be back someday to post again. Everyone, post your comments, and I'll try to get them to her. (If any of you have questions about this, ask in the comments, and I'll answer what I can.) Thanks.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Poster

Hello everyone, I'm Rudy Falkner, or as you would identify me as 'Phoebe's Brother' and I am the creator of MyPokemondex-FanSite. I am a new post maker for Winx-Bakugan-Pokemon. I'd like to say, this is a great Fan Site. :D!
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