Friday, January 14, 2011

More Black and White English Names Released!

Pokemon Names:

Musharna: Musharna (Kept it's name! Yay!)
Desukaan: Cofagrigus
Koromori: Woobat
Minezumi: Patrat
Moguryuu/Mogurew (Not sure which is official because of accent): Drilbur
Gothiruselle/Gochiruzeru: Gothitelle
Wargle: Braviary
Ranculus/Rankurusu: Reuniclus
Kibago: Axew

People and Places:

Cheren: Cheren
Bel: Bianca
Makomo: Fennel
N: N
C-Gear: C-Gear
Black City: Black City
White Forest: White Forest


Mummy: Mummy
Dust Proof: Overcoat
Sand Paddle: Sand Rush
Sand Power: Sand Force
Telepathy: Telepathy


Go Ahead: After You
Double Chop: Dual Chop
Freefall: Sky Drop
Heart Stamp: Heart Stamp


  1. AWESOMENESS!!!!! (ps I'm at school 8D)

  2. Then how are you on here? XD


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