Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pokemon HGSS

Hi everyone Robin here. As many people know Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver was release today in America. Did any one get it? I picked up my copy of Heart Gold today and have not the chance to play it yet. For those people like myself who per-ordered their copy of the game you receive a figure of the legendary bird of that version since I picked heart gold I got a Ho-oh figure. Let me tell you these figures are beautiful they're the same figures that was given out for the Japanese release of HGSS.

Please let me know what you think of HGSS and what version you got or did you get both games. I know I will be getting Soul Silver at a later time.


  1. I got both! I'm playing Soul Silver and taking Game play pictures. As soon as I get them in my computer and crop them, I can post them!

  2. Yeah I didn't have to money to buy both. What starter pokemon did you pick?

  3. I chose Cyndaquil. It's my favorite Pokemon!!

  4. Chikorita for me. It's my favorite starter pokemon.

  5. I'm either getting my copy of Heart Gold (my brother is getting Soul Silver) tomorrow or on Friday!! I'm so pumped!

    And I love ALL the starters for Johto! I'll probably get Cyndaquil, but maybe Totodile?

  6. 1- Best
    2- Second
    3- Least

    Bulbasaur: 2
    Charmander: 1
    Squirtle: 3

    Chikorita: 3
    Cyndaquil: 2
    Totodile: 1

    Treecko: 3
    Torchic: 2
    Mudkip: 1

    Turtwig: 1
    Chimchar: 3
    Piplup: 2

  7. This is my list:

    Bulbasaur: 3
    Charmander: 2
    Squirtle: 1

    Chikorita: 3
    Cyndaquil: 1
    Totodile: 2

    Treecko: 3
    Torchic: 2
    Mudkip: 1 (But his evolutions are terrible! I mean, the ground-type that they have makes them SOOOO weak against grass! The invincibility to electricity just doesn't cut it for me.)

    Turtwig: 1
    Chimchar: 2
    Piplup: 3

  8. Here's my list.





    I tend to favor Grass and Water starters.

    I agree on Mudkips evolutions. I have the same issue with Turtigs final evolution the ground type makes him more weaker to Ice types.

  9. IAN! I disagree with your evaluation of Turtwig!!!!!
    Oh and I'm getting Soul Silver...once I finish Platinum. My mom says it's pointless buying another Pokemon game when you haven't even finished your first one!

  10. Wait, you know that 1 is 1st place, not one point, right?

  11. I haven't played platinum for a long time. I enjoyed playing it but not as much as I did pearl. I started playing pearl again about a month before Heart Gold and Soul Silver was released. I'm getting Soul silver sometime this week.

  12. Lazy Stars_and_FireApril 9, 2010 at 2:45 PM

    I just got Soul Silver :D


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