Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Liberty Ticket And A Free Mew!

For all of you with the Japanese Pokemon Black and White, the Liberty Ticket event is still going on! Here's how to get your Liberty Ticket:

  • On the main menu of the game, select "ふしぎな おくりもの"
  • On that menu, select "おくりものを うけとる"
  • It will ask you a question. Select the first option (which is yes) and then choose the one that says "Wi-Fi" in English.
  • It'll ask you another question. Select yes again, and it will bring you to a different screen. Then you'll get the Liberty Ticket! Go to a Poke Mart (which are now in Pokemon Centers, and you should know that if you have the game) and pick it up! I'm pretty sure it allows you to take some boat out of Hiun City (the big one with the bug type gym) and go to some island to catch Victini.
    There's also a Mew up for grabs in Mystery Gift for English HeartGold and SoulSilver players. You guys should know how to get that one, but if you don't, just ask in the comments. :) I should be uploading my Pokemon Black and White videos soon. I only have gameplay of me walking across a giant bridge, and catching a Kobalon (one of the legendary dogs in Isshu). I beat the game, so that's nice. It has a pretty awesome ending, but I don't want to spoil it, so I won't. Oh, I'm rambling, aren't I? Oh well. I also want to say, I'm a little behind in Bakugan, so that's why there hasn't been much on that lately, sorry about that. I'll try to get up to speed with it as fast as possible. With Winx, I haven't been able to focus on it because of the overload of Pokemon news. Currently I'm addicted to Pokemon, so expect to see an abundance of that around here. For Winx, I'd recommend for you to check out Winx-Fairies. I've mentioned it hundreds of times, it has a load of loyal posters, and is ran by my super awesome friend Phoebe, who's also a writer here! Una Di Noi is also a great website, and has a lot of interesting articles that have to do with Winx's history, where some things that were in older seasons went, and stuff like that. I must say, they have some pretty smart people over there. :) Another excellent Pokemon website is UnownZone, ran by a great friend of mine, and Phoebe's brother! I don't know of any Bakugan news sites though, sorry. OH WOW, this is a long paragraph. I better go now, so I'll talk to you all later! See ya!

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