Sunday, December 13, 2009

Collection? Complete.

I thought that this was post-worthy.
On Friday, December 11th, 2009, I got the final card that I needed to complete my set of first-generation Pokemon cards! I gave up collecting cards in grade 6 (five years ago) but now I'm going to start collecting again :D

Yeah, I'm proud of myself.

(My Venusaur is a little different than the card in the picture... mine is full holofoil card, like the green border is holofoil)


  1. Awesome!!!! I think I have those cards too ... not sure what happened with them, but I had around 100 o-o"

    Do you still need any? =)

  2. *steals* In 2nd grade, some miserable idiot took this exact card from me! Eeeeevil...

  3. @Layla n Amentia

    The pic of the card, or the holofoil ersion?

  4. "The pic of the card, or the holofoil ersion?"

    I meant version. Whoops!

  5. The holofoil version.

  6. Oh, OK! Also, I didn't mean he stole a picture, I meant the card in the picture or the holofoil version. But yeah, HE'S EVIL!

  7. I had the same thing happen to my Venusaur Card. Only this was in junior high, I let my so called "friend" borrow it for a day and the next thing I know a friend of his took it or so he said I never saw my Venusaur card again.

    That card was very special to me too! My first crush gave it to me as gift cause he knew I liked grass Pokemon.

    I learned a very painful lesson that day and have been very careful with my cards for now on. I hardly collect them know, but now and than I wall by a pack of Pokemon cards Piplup and Empoleon are main reason, I love both those Pokemon to death and I have a few Piplup and Empoleon cards.

  8. Okay, never let a friend "borrow" a freakin' card. THEY DON'T GIVE THEM BACK!! Trust me, happened SO MANY TIMES!

    Also, haha! I remember the days when boys would give you Pokemon cards if they liked you. It was made grade 2 to grade 4 the best years EVER! But then I moved to Nunavut where people were more interesting in Yu-gi-oh. Bleah.


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