Monday, December 7, 2009

German Winx Website!!

(Thanks to Winx-Fairies for posting all of the URL's. I will not take them and post them here, because you found out first. But I will post the German site's pictures and possibly do the same for Russian, because you have not yet posted those. Thank you) 

1. They still have some important things not translated.

La Registrazione è completata!

Fra breve riceverai una email di conferma. Se non dovesse arrivare, cerca tra la posta indesiderata!

That is Italian for:  

Registration is complete!

Shortly receive an email confirmation. If it does not get there, search for junk mail!

2.  I made an account and got the confirmation email.  I will not put it here (It's WAY too big) but I will say, it was also in Italian.

3. After clicking the confirmation link in the email, I was brought to a page on the German site....ALSO ITALIAN!!

(I just want to say, the game part of the site is fully translated except the loading. It says "Looking for Fairies" and other stuff in English in while the game is loading.)

4. The German site DOES have Faragonda!! Cool! But only the Night Wings are there for the Specialists. Not those big angelic wings. Girls wings, I don't know about.

5. Look at this:

1. It's in English on the German site.

6. Look! It's English again!

7. eyeshape_01 name????
    eyeshape_01 desc????    Wow. You'd think they'd name it. I guess not.


8. Notice that the ad in the top-right corner isn't there. Other than that, an awesome pic.

Thanks for reading everybody!!! (NOTE: I noticed that the pictures do not fully show. Just click on them and you'll be brought to a page with nothing but the picture on it. Look at the picture, which is now big enough to see the whole thing, and then just hit the back button on your browser. Thanks!!)


  1. Plenty of people in Germany speak English as their second/third/etc. language. That's why the movie DVD included the English audio and the commercial for Winx in Konzert was in English (the DVD itself was German.) It's still stupid that they kept the English, though.

    The Italian is just plain laziness.

  2. I really love this german winx website! Keep it up. :)


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