Saturday, December 5, 2009

Winx & Bakugan Relation...?

Look at this picture on a Bakugan Forumotion site:

Now, click on the picture and look at the New Topic and Post Reply buttons. THEY ARE THE SAME AS THE WINX CLUB FORUM BUTTONS!! I would get you a picture of them too, but the WHOLE SITE isn't working for me today. Wow! Thanks for reading!


  1. Most irritating part: it's only the English version that's not working T_T

    N yea, the must use the same phpBB software =)

  2. It's a standard set that can be used. I'm sure other forums have it as well.

  3. Thanks for ruining my happiness GCG!

  4. Well, why would an Italian company with no properties sold in Japan be working with a Japanese company anyway?

  5. Ian please read this: In Winx Club Season 3 Episode 4 Stella was still a monster. And Brandon saw her true form. ( In her date outfit on the last episode of Season 1 )Brandon said the spell did not worked on him. But we saw Stella's true form! I 50% agree that Brandon is Daydreaming ( Or under imagination ) But I am 100% agree that this is an error the writer and the animator did.

    4kids note: I read this from comment. It said that the spell did work however was lifted when she ( Stella ) was in the location of the Mirror of Truth.


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