Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Winner's Path Route On The Pokéwalker!

Hi everyone! I recently read on (the link to the article is here) that a new Pokéwalker course is to be released onto Wi-Fi on May 6th to June 25th! It has a lot of rare Pokémon with rare items, and it would be a great addition to your list of routes for your Pokéwalker! Here are the Pokémon located in it:

MagikarpOcca Berry0Very Low
BronzorWacan Berry0Very Low
DuskullReaper Cloth3,000Low
HorseaDragon Scale3,000Low
BeldumShuca Berry8,000High
Very High

And the items:

Chesto Berry0Very Low
Persim Berry500Low
Lum Berry1,000High
Sitrus Berry2,000High
White Herb5,000Very High
Power Herb6,000Very High
Choice Specs7,000Very High
Choice Band8,000Very High
Choice Scarf9,000Very High
Focus Sash10,000Very High

If any of you have any questions, like what does a certain item do or how to access the Wi-Fi gift, just ask in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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