Monday, May 3, 2010

A New Pokemon To Be Revealed On May 9th

In the new Pokemon Sunday on May 9th, a new Pokemon is supposed to be revealed. It may be a new Pokemon, or it may be a new silhouette like when Zoroark was first revealed. This will be the third Generation 5 Pokemon known so far. Not much information has been put out about the games or the movie, I'll update if there is. Thanks for choosing Winx-Bakugan-Pokemon as your website!


  1. To be really honest, I'm still a fan of Pokemon but I really hate all the knew Pokemons from GenIV, especially when they take GenI Pokemon and suddenly give them an evolution or pre-evolution in GenIV. Geesh, remember Tangela, Ditto, Pinsir or Tauros? I like the old ones a lot. GenII, I really like too but I started to hate the GenIII.

  2. Dude, i totally agree, the newer pokemon are getting lamer and lamer by the minute! I love pokemon, yet i agree every word you said!

  3. KIKU LIKES POKEMON!??!? I LOVE YOU!!! See, Ian? I DO have a legit reason to love her now.

  4. Oh, um, would it be any consolation that I'm considering an Alice-in-Wonderland-esque story where Roxy becomes the Fairy of Pokemon?

  5. That is such a not-the-Kiku-I-know thing to say. Are we really in an upside-down Wonderland World where everything is messed up? Is that why Carol is offline and I'm cleaning my room? Wow, if this is true I better ask my mom again if I can go to the city!

    (I call being the Mad Hatter so I can Futterwacken!)

  6. :P Now, I need to do stuff with my friend! xD

  7. Personally, I hated the movie (Alice in Wonderland) for various reasons but this is offtopic. I want the story to be extremely simple but along the lines of Alice in Wonderland.

  8. You... hated it? Even the futterwacken?!

  9. I read the books first before the movie. The movie (the director) tried to have the story make sense but that is basically trying to rewrite Alice's Adventure in Wonderland with logic when the book is famous because of its illogic.

    If you read the book, you will notice that the development makes absolutely no sense and that is the charm of the book and why it is popular with children. The books are just a series of fantastic meetings with the various creatures in Wonderland. The book is considered literary nonsense. The entire point of literary nonsense is that it throws all the usual styles of writing stories, like foreshadowing and plotting out the window. You do not bog down the children with any heavy lessons of morality. You also have to remember that the two books mainly happened the way they did because Alice was sleeping. Duh, dreams are not required to make sense.

    (However, the second book is written like chess match if you follow Alice's path across the board towards becoming queen. Oh, did you know that Alice is technically a white queen from her second visit in Wonderland? Take that, Anne Hathaway.)

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  11. i love reading these conversations. but i loved the tim burtin alice in wonderland.

    now about pokemon. I loved the first generation but I hate how they said Mew (my favorite pokemon) was the most powerful then disreguard it and say Arceus is more powerful.
    I however, do enjoy most new pokemon like dialga and sky form shaymin oh and glceon. Here are my favorites:

    2.Eevee evolutions
    5.Cyndaquil and its evolutions

    I also like Pikachu, Buizel, Houndoom, and so on but as you can see, they r not on my list.

    Lucario... I am him in Super Smash Brothers and I cried HARD in the movie. So much suffering for him emotionally and physically. Those who saw the movie know what I'm talking about.


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