Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Generation V Information, Starters' Full Pictures

This is the most recent scan of Corocoro magazine in Japan, releasing much information on Generation V. One thing it says is that the region Generation V is taking place in is called Isshu. It also shows how the Protagonists are going to be slightly older than the previous ones. They seem to be wearing something on their wrists, possibly the new version of the Pokegear/Pokenav/Poketch. On the other page, it shows the new starter Pokemon. PokéBeach says that the city on the top left of the left page is called Hiun City, but it hasn't been directly confirmed. They also said that the starters are named Tsutaaja (ツタージャ), Pokabu (ポカブ), and Mijumaru (ミジュマル), respectively. This also has not been confirmed, and the true names of the starters, whether they are the names above or not, will hopefully be revealed on the next Pokemon Sunday.


  1. Aw, not exactly the coolest looking fire starter...
    But awesome nonetheless!

  2. The starter Pokemon: fail. God, it just gets worst and worst. Give me a Charmander or Cyndaquil any day.

  3. The grass one is definitely the best, but Kiku's right, these suck. They're better than the last batch, though. I'm still living in Johto, so I really don't care though xD

  4. I think the Water one's body is Piplup's, if you take of the mushroom thing from the new one, and take the two dots off of Piplup's body.

  5. I really don't like the new starters. Ian the mushroom you call is a shell. The water starter looks like a freaking snowman with fins. Not the best designs for Pokemon but I've seen worse.


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