Friday, July 30, 2010

New Black and White Trailer, and New Pokemon!!!

In that video, a lot of information is re-stated, and some new information is shown. Here's a list of things that were shown in the video.

At 0:33, they show a new female trainer in the game, with the name of either 'Aloe', or 'Aroe'.
At 0:41, they show the mysterious Team Plasma. A long time ago, it was rumored that this would be the name of the evil team. I posted it, not sure if it would come out true or not, and it did come true.
At 0:50, they show the players using the C-Gear to connect to each other.
At 1:34, they show the High Link being used.
At 2:06, they announce that there will be a "Pokemon Musical" in the games.
At 2:11, they show a new stork Pokemon in the bottom left.
At 2:12, they show that you can dress up your Pokemon for these musicals, similar to dressing them up in the Sinnoh region contests.
At 2:36, they show a new deer Pokemon. This Pokemon is also shown later in the video.
At 2:46, they show a new feature called Feeling Check, which supposedly 'compares the compatibility between two trainers.'
At 3:00, they show how to quickly initiate a battle with you friends.
At 3:16, they show the deer Pokemon again. (According to Serebii, its name is Shikijika)
At 3:42, they show a trade happening.
At 3:48, they show things happening using the Pokemon Global Link.
At 4:52, they show the Pokéshifter (name found on Serebii) being used, it is te new way to get Pokemon in trades.
At 5:07, they show that seasons in the game now change.
At 5:25, they show a new Pokemon (two of the same Pokemon are shown ambushing the trainer in the grass, which means that wild Double Battles are back.) that looks very similar to Minezumi, and is supposed to be its evolution. It's name is Miruhoggu. (According to Serebii)
At 5:28, they show the trainer going into a type of subway or train, in which someone else challenges the trainer to a battle.
At 5:31, they show the trainer...being shot out of a cannon and flying through hoops? I have no idea why they show that.
At 5:33, they show the trainer walking in some sort of round room with a large...thing coming out of the center.
At 5:35, they show Reshiram being surrounded by flame, and Zekrom being surrounded by blue lightning.
At 5:41, they show what seems to be an advertisement for the Zoroark movie, and then something talking about Victini. 

Here are some pictures: 

The Female Trainer Named 'Aloe'/'Aroe'
Team Plasma

The "Pokemon Musical"
The 'Feeling Check' in Action

The Pokemon Shikijika (And Chiramii/Chillarmy)
The Pokéshifter
Two of the Pokemon Miruhoggu

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