Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pokemon 'Best Wishes' Possible Info

Well, after doing some news hunting, I ended up in a Japanese website for TV Tokyo, and went to its Pokemon section. I found some news about the new season "Pocket Monsters Best Wishes", and thought I should post it here. After translating the Japanese letters into English using Google Translate, I got a fairly messed up piece on information.

Be completed this fall followed by diamond pearl 』, TV animation "Pocket Monster" finally determine the title of the latest series! The name is
"Besutouisshu (" Best Wishes! ")" And the man set off to wish him good luck. Unfolds a new journey set in the area of new land Ish Why there are no encounters and adventures waiting for?
Pokemon Besutouisshu 』[The Fall 2010, started broadcasting. Hope to know detailed information such as home shows and at any time.

What I think it means, is:

This fall, following Diamond and Pearl, TV animation "Pocket Monsters" finally determines the title of the latest season! (Season and series mean the same thing in some countries. I live in America, and here, they don't.) The name is...

Besutoiusshu (Best Wishes)! A new journey will unfold, set in the new land of Isshu. Why are there no encounters and adventures waiting there

Pokemon Besutouisshu (Will start broadcasting in Fall 2010.) We hope to find out detailed information such as home airings at any time.

Did you see that Best Wishes in Japanese pronunciation is "Besutouisshu"? I may be nit-picking here, but BesutouISSHU. Isshu, as in, the new season. Just saying. I also want to say Best Wishes. BW, as in, Black and White. But we'll see. What do you guys think? Put it in the comments!


  1. I don't know why some of it is highlighted in white. I'm guessing because Blogger hates me, but, whatever.

  2. Fairy of SubterraJuly 18, 2010 at 5:47 PM

    Eh, Blogger probably hates most people. Did you use Babelfish or something on this, cause it's, um, screwed up, to say the least. Well, Best Wishes sounds like a pretty good title. Hopefully the series will be AMAZING! ^.^

  3. Yeah, it does. And, google translate. :D


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