Sunday, February 6, 2011

Back From Ohio!! New Pokemon News!

I'll post the pictures and video later, there are probably 70+ files to search through. Now, in the Black and White English demos, these names were revealed. Videos are below the list.


Darumakka -- Darumaka


Shell Blade -- Razor Shell
Grass Mixer -- Leaf Tornado
Incinerate -- Complete Burn
Nitro Charge -- Flame Charge


Sekka City -- Icirrus City
Dragon Spiral Tower -- Dragonspiral Tower



  1. YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!
    The game looks really nice, I can't WAIT!!!!!
    Seriously, I'm debating whether or not to go steal a copy. 8D

  2. It's a awesome game. can't for it to be released in English I have both black and white pre ordered.


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