Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge New Info

Today, the first episode of the fourth season of Bakugan premiered in Canada. From what little I can gather from the small collection of videos on YouTube, this season is set a around a year after the brawlers defeat the Gundalians. Bakugan Interspace has gotten more popular and now a Grand Prix tournament is being held to determine who the top brawler is.

Apparently, two groups of brawlers are challenging the brawlers as they try to win the tournament. The two team names are "Team Anubias" and "Team Sellon". The leader for Anubias is a male Darkus brawler, while the leader for Sellon is a female Ventus brawler.

Also, Shun and Marucho have obtained new partners. Shun's new partner is Ventus Taylean, who resembles an armored human. Marucho's new partner is Aquos Tristar. Dan is still partnered with Pyrus Titanium Dragonoid.

I know I misspelled some names in this post, and I may have misheard the names on the videos. But, as there is no confirmed information written down, I took my best guess with these spellings. I will edit this if the correct spellings emerge.

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  1. Great review pal! Those episodes are great although some said they are not as good as it's prequel.


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