Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Best Wishes Trailer!

It shows some great footage of the starters battling, and confirms that Satoshi (Ash) gets Mijumaru. (At an early point in the video while Mijumaru is battling against Yanappu (the broccoli monkey thing), Ash is shown behind it, where the trainer usually is.) I highly recommend you watch this video, because it has amazing quality, and shows just how awesome the new starters are going to be. I love Mijumaru and the other starters a lot more now, and I really hope they live up to my newly found expectations!

1 comment:

  1. So, Ash gets a Mijumaru, I wonder if he will get Tsutarja and Pokabu as well? Wow, that Mijumaru looks pretty badass, I think I like Mijumaru even more than I did before now!

    And I think that female Tsutarja is pretty cool as well, hope she will be part of the main cast too.


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