Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Possible Starter Evolutions

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but these were seen on a Japanese message board, 2ch. It doesn't seem very concrete, but 2ch has been known for turning out information like this that would later be confirmed true!
I'm not such a big fan of Pokabu's evolutions, but I like like the grass types!

I found the picture and information on this site. Also, credit to for the original images.


  1. Grass type ones are nice, first Pokabu one on here is eh, and the water ones, no, just no.

  2. If these are the true evolutions than I'm sticking with Tsutarja as my starter. I always tend to favor the grass starters.

  3. Gen 1: Fire

    Gen 2: Fire, Water, Grass
    (Typhlosion, Feraligatr, Meganium)

    Gen 3: Water

    Gen 4: Grass

    See, I don't really have a system. It depends on the Pokemon, based on important things like cuteness and epicness and pwnage. When I got HeartGold, I looked up stats and moves and everything because it was such a tough choice. For this gen, I think it'll be a tough choice between grass and water. I'll probably go with grass because it's epic all the way through and Mijumaru (AKA Retargay Snomotter) is wimpy while Tsutarja is giving you the look that says "Yeah, I got'cher money. What'cha gonna do about it?". If he took my money, I wouldn't ask for it back.

  4. ...AHAHHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA! I like Mijumaru's second evolution, it was shown in Black and White (the colors, not the games) on an anime beta sheet. Usually I go with Water, but I also like Fire. (GO CYNDAQUIL) I think I'm going with Pokabu this time.

  5. It doesn't look like it's evolution though, it looks more like it's big brother who likes to beat him up.

    Pokabu WAS cute, but they ruined it with Brutus. That's what I'd name it if I got a Pokabu.

  6. I'm erasing your edit now. Redundant! Why didn't you just erase it?

  7. Because, it may have been fake. It was true though. XD


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