Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Pokemon, Gym Leader Info

UPDATE #2: Some new Pokemon pictures can also be found here.
Also, from Serebii,

-Details on a new attack have been revealed; Burn Up. Fire-type, Physical. Power 50, Acc; 90 with 20PP.
-Tsutarja evolves into Janobii at Level 17
-You get Boappu/Yanappu/Hiyappu at Level 10 at the Abandoned Lot of Dreams. Hiyappu has Scratch, Leer, Lick & Water Gun at Level 10
-At Level 10, Shimama has Quick Attack, Tail Whip & Charge. At Level 11 Koromori has Confusion, Gust & Odor Sleuth
-Belle battles you again as you enter Sanyou City. She has a Level 6 Yooterii and a Level 7 version of her starter
-New images of tadpole Pokémon; Otamaro (オタマロ) and Fighting-type Dokkora (ドッコラー )
-Evolved form of Yooterii, Haderia (ハーデリア)
-Aloe's team; Haderia Lv. 18 & Miruhoggu Lv. 20
-Bug Pokémon; Futsude (フツデ) & Fighting Pokémon Dageki (ダゲキ)
-Exclusive - Starter Pokémon Evolution names and dex entry. Pokémon match what previous images given.
#497; Jaroda (ジャローダ) - Royal Pokémon - 3.3m, 63kg - It overpowers it's opponents as it holds its head high. It is only when fighting a tough opponent that it unleashes its full strength.
#500: Enbuoo (エンブオー) - Big Fire Pig Pokémon - 1.6m 150kg - It grows a beard of flame. It learns fighting type attacks that combine its speed and power.
#503: Daikenki (ダイケンキ) - Dignity Pokémon - 1.5m 94.6kg - Part of the armour on its front legs is a sword. It can intimidate its opponents simply by roaring.
-Hiyappu's evolution; Hiyakii (ヒヤッキー )
-New Bug Pokémon; Yabukoron (ヤブクロン)
-New crustacean Pokémon Ishizumai(イシズマイ )
-Gym 3 is a Bug-type gym and its leader Atei has a Level 21 Hoiiga, a Level 20 Ishizumai and a Level 23 Hahakurimo. You receive TM76 for winning
-New Pokémon shown; Shinpora (シンポラー)
-N confirmed to be affiliated with Team Plasma
-Boappu's evolution shown; Baokki (バオッキー)
-Shimama's evolution, Zeburaika (ゼブライカ) as owned by the 4th Gym Leader added. Gain TM72 - Volt Change - Causes the user to switch out after use. by winning
-Koromori's evolution Cocoromori (ココロモリ)
-Desukan's pre-evo; Desumasu (デスマス)
-Gochiruzeru's pre-evo; Gochimu (ゴチム)
-Rankurusu's pre-evo; Yuniran (ユニラン)
-Image of Mamapato's evo Hatooboo & Gamagaru (ガマガル)
-Image of Koaruhii (コアルヒー)-Image of Warubiru (ワルビル)
-Mega Drain's power is now 75. Grass Oath is Special, Power of 50 and Accuracy of 100
-Monmen evolves into Erufuun (エルフーン) with the Sun Stone

A HUGE thanks to Serebii, one of the awesomest Pokemon sites on the Internet!

-Three new Pokémon; Kapurumo カプルモ, Banipucchi & Bachuru - Denchura's Pre-evolution
Churine's evolution Doredia ドレディア - Making its beautiful flowers grow is difficult even for veteran trainers. A Pokemon popular with celebrities.
-The new Cactus Pokémon; Marakachi (マラカッチ ). Apparently has Water Absorb. With up tempo dance and sounds it drives away its natural enemies, bird Pokemon, who are after its flower's seeds.
-The fourth gym leader, Kamitsure, has two Emonga at Level 25 and Zeburaika at Level 27.
-The evolution of Dokkora Dotetsukotsu(ドテツコツ) and a Pururiru (プルリル).
-New bird Aken (アーケン) and the Grass/Steel Tesshido (テッシード) and the middle evolution in Kurumiru's evo chain; Kurumayu (クルマユ).
-Yanappu's evolution Yanakki, the final evolution of Futsude Pendora (ペンドラー) and a turtle Pokémon Purotoga (プロトーガ).
-New Pokémon Shibishirasu (シビシラス).
-New Bug-type Pokémon Chobomaki (チョボマキ) and alien-esque Pokémon Rigure (リグレー).
-New Pokémon here and a candle Pokémon Hitomoshi (ヒトモシ) - Fire/Ghost-type.
-Gochiruzeru's pre-evo Gochimeru and Yooterii's final evo Muurando.
-Zorua evolves into Zoroark at Level 30 and Mamepato's final evo Kenhorou.
-Rankursu's pre-evolution Daburan.
-Gym 6 run by Furou uses Kokoromori Lv. 33, Kenhorou Lv. 33 and Swanna Lv. 35
-Image of Kenhorou's forms
-New Pokémon; Baniricchi
-New Pokémon; Nageki


  1. sorry for being a grammar freak (as you, lol) but its not Yooterii, it Yorterrie

  2. It's copied from Serebii, so blame them. XD JUST KIDDING! Well, it was copied from Serebii, but I kinda lost track of the Pokemon names once the group with Yorterrie in it came out. LOL

  3. Note: The video had been removed by the user, if you were wondering why it's gone...

  4. Oh, was there a video here? Oh, darn.


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