Monday, September 20, 2010


Today marks one year of Winx-Bakugan-Pokemon!!! The first post is here. At 4:49 (GMT -05:00 Eastern Time), September 20th 2010, it will be EXACTLY a year of having this website! AWESOME, RIGHT!?!??! I can't wait! Wow...I remember this site's early days...they were fun. But now I actually have people visiting, and that's much awesomer. Haha! :)


  1. Happy one Year aniversary Winx-Bakugan-Pokemon!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WBP!!! I so need to make cupcakes. What? It's a site and can't eat cupcakes? MORE FOR US! MYAHAH!

  3. YUM! I told you, come over to my house and...oh, wait, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! NO ONE EAT HER CUPCAKES! EVEN HER HAMBURGER HELPER LOOKS LIKE BLOODY VOMIT! (trust me, I saw) I'll make a cake, okay? And I'll frost it too. I made one 2 days ago, and it was delicious. Oooohwait. My eggs expire today. I'll get new ones then!

    (I actually wasn't kidding about any of this. Seriously.)

  4. Oh, I forgot I can't cook... I seriously did... Ah, you bake 'em then. As long as there's yummy stuff and candles. Chocolate cake is best (HINT HINT! Haha!)

    Anyway, my mom can actually make icecream cake. You know the Dairy Queen kind? Her's looks exactly like it!

  5. I'm good at baking maybe I could make 'em.

  6. We both can! Even better, WE ALL CAN! BAKING CONTEST! LOL

  7. HERE'S A CAKE!!!,r:1,s:0

    Long URL. WOW.

  8. Layla n Amentia (random human)October 11, 2010 at 7:54 AM

    I KNOW RIGHT???????!!!!!!

    I remember when you freaked out about your first anonymous commenter. And me. You're like, "HIIIIIIIIIIII LAYLA N AMENTIA!!!!" Maybe this is not a direct quote... you must search, Ian Skywalker.

    Sorry. I think it's funny.

  9. I searched, but couldn't find it. :P


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