Monday, December 27, 2010

New Pokemon Black and White English Names/Info!


Hiun City -- Castelia City
Chillarmy -- Minccino
Gigaiasu -- Gigalith
Pokedex Entry for Snivy/Tsutarja --

"001 Snivy
Grass Snake Pokémon
HT 2'00"
WT 17.9 lbs.

It is very intelligent and calm. Being exposed to sunlight makes its movements swifter.


Mamepato -- Pidove
Meguroco -- Sandile
Shimama -- Blitzle
Gear -- Klink
Hihidaruma -- Darmanitan
Professor Araragi -- Professor Juniper
Pidgeon Breast (ability) -- Big Pecks
Brute Force (ability) -- Sheer Force
Overconfidence (ability) -- Moxie
Wild Bolt (move) -- Wild Charge

1 comment:

  1. have u noticed all the english proffesors names are named after trees and plants? mostly trees though.


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