Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ash's New Uniform for Isshu

I personally dislike this outfit. They even seemed to have changed his eyes. I don't have much to say here, but in case this video ever gets removed from YouTube, if a person reading this isn't able to look at the video, and for other reasons, here's a picture of Ash in his new uniform.

I hope I'll soften up to this new design soon, and I probably will, but for now I don't like it very much. I'm almost 100% sure I'll like it by tomorrow, but for now I don't. What do you all think about it? Comment! (Seriously, there's been a lack of comments lately.)


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! What did they do to his eyes?!?!?!?!?! The uniform's okay, but a little freaky...

  2. They totally ruined him.

  3. His new outfit and those eyes makes me want to glomp Ash

  4. Lazy Phoebe is wondering what glomp means?

  5. OMG. I am SOOOO not watching this season now.

  6. Hey eyes..... 0_0 SCARYY!!! I miss the old Ash!!! :(

  7. Excuse my langauge but...


    Well, I had to see it coming eventually. Really, total character design revamp was so expected for Ash but omigawd. I can't imagine what they would do to Brock. The art director is really taking it to a new generation.

    But's really off the original model.

    A total character was in order after so many years of airing. But the brown eyes...ugh. *shivers*

    They freaking put colour into his freaking eyes!!!

    I guess that means it's time for me to really say good-bye to my childhood...

    (Yeah, I'm that old.)

  8. Wow. That was my EXACT reaction. Lucky, only my brother and my mom were home. I told my brother that this means we point the gun at the TV. If revamped Brock has OPEN eyes, that's when we shoot. Did you see what they did to Joy and Jenny? *Tear*

  9. Yes, I saw. Joy, I didn't mind but Jenny was just so freakin' butch. I thought it was too forward of a fashion statement.

    I do like Ash's change though. Especially with the turning his hat back, part. I wonder if Brock will ever even come back. Misty has been gone for a long time. I wish they would put Gary in. I think it would be awesome if Ash started traveling with him. Gary seems like the perfect replacement for Brock in terms of Pokemon knowledge, since, you know, Ash being dumb is a given.

    Can you imagine being a five-year old Japanese child and seeing Pokemon and then wondering from what season Pikachu came from? Then some older person realises that the child was born after Pikachu was created. Doesn't that make you feel old?

    I remember seeing the Spurt! opening and seeing Ash's Butterfree with the pink one it flew off with. Then I realised, holy crap, the newer generation would not understand what the hell a Butterfree was and the story behind the pink one.


    I'm not old at all, but I was talking to a five year old a few weeks ago, and he told me that he used to watch Pokemon before he lost the channel. I said "Oh, do you remember Misty?" in hopes of him saying yes. "No." "Well, what about May?" "No." "Dawn?" "No." "Brock?????" "No." "ASH!?!?!??!" "No." "WHAT ABOUT PIKACHU!?" "Oh, yeah, Pikachu! I loved that guy!"

    That made me feel old and made me want to laugh at the same time.

  11. HAHAHA!! And, hey, I've seen the Japanese openings! You used to force them on me before I moved, haha!

    I love the Bye Bye, Butterfree episode. I cry my eyes off every time I watch it, and I remember watching it for the first time when I was younger (crying). Would I be kicked off if I said "Crying my balls off"? 'Cause I did. Yeah, there's a story behind that line.

    You know, I never thought of what it would be like for people who haven't been watching from the start. I just kinda take for granted that I was born into the Pokemon generation. I've still got my first Pokemon cards, and looking at the newer ones, you can see how even those've evolved over the years.

  12. Still, you have to consider that Pokemon does not play as often as it did in the '90s. I remember that it used to be on every cartoon channel but I'm not even sure if they have it on YTV.

    By the way, can you imagine Pokemon ending? What would the very last episode of Pokemon be like for you?

  13. Oh, lord. Ash looks really creepy. What the crap is up? I think I'm gonna scream.


    There. Now, Jenny and Joy slightly irritated me. This is just weird. His eyes are really creeping me out. I don't mind the outfit, but, whoa. This is worse than the My Little Pony change. Wow.

    MLP from when I was little:

    Creepy Mutant MLP:

    Sad, huh?

  14. Layla n Amentia :)August 31, 2010 at 10:17 AM

    That was me, Layla n Amentia. It didn't use my name. ROAAR, Blogger!

  15. Okay, here's where I get to feel old.
    THIS is what my MLPs looked like when I was little:
    ^^ I actually had that one, I got it from some flea market when I was four. I also have the plushie version, same flea market. The only difference from the one in the picture is that mine doesn't have a tail. Hehe. Yeah, I hate the new ones too, but at least I still have all my normal looking ones! (Combined with my little sister, we have over a hundred. Wouldn't doubt if it neared two hundred by now.) Gem Blossom is my favorite :D

  16. Oh God, MLP invasion. Aaaanyyywayy...considering Kiku's comment...I would freak out and have a breakdown, then start to throw my couch pillows around while cursing, and yell "WHY!?!?!??!? WHY DID IT END!??! WHY CAN'T I GO BACK IN TIME, BACK WHEN MISTY WAS HERE, BACK WHEN EVERYONE WAS HAPPY, BUT NOW IT'S ALL DEAD! WHY!?!?!? IT LASTED SO LONG, BUT IT STILL WENT BY SO FAST!!!! WHY DID IT NEVER GET TO THE 10TH GENERATION!?!?! WHY SATOSHI TAJIRI, WHY ARE YOU KILLING MY SOUL!?!?!?!?"

  17. ahh Ian I watch the japanese openings and endding too.

    Phoebe I remember when MLP looked like that. I look at the ones they have now and it makes me feel old. I have some of the newer MLP but not the Chibi looking ones. I remember going into a store target I think? I saw mermaid ponies they look nothing like the seaponies from my childhood.

  18. *Jumps on the random MLP discussion train* I have a feeling I could beat anyone with my kick-butt MLP collection. I'm not such a fan of the newer ("chibi-looking") ones, but before they came out, there were mini versions of them that came in "Ponyville" sets. SO CUTE! Me and Jenna made them play the babies.


    I miss the days where Ian would annoy me with Pokemon videos and badger me until I watched them... I feel like singing "Still Alive" but that's not Pokemon and thus off-topic and being off-topic is BAD. Pfft, I ALWAYS stay on topic. Pfft.

  19. Wow, I miss those days too...

    You: WHY!?!?
    You: Ughhhh fiiine...

  20. EXACTLY how it went. You left out the part where I get whatever song it is stuck in my head for three days!

  21. You never told me that! So it works...BWAHAHHA!

  22. Pheobe I know what you mean I always seem to have "High Touch" stuck in my head. The first part of the song that Hikari sings SOOO fits one of my pokemon shipping from my fanfaction.

    I watched videos of Italian pokemon opening the other day and a few episodes of season 12. I was like I wanted to know who(insert characters name here) sounded like. I just love compearing the characters voices in the the difrent dubs because I'm a major dork that way.

  23. oh man ash's eyes look sooooo strange now that im seeing them in black since pokemon started in india the outfit is weird will take a time for me to get used to wathcin on tv and well i havent see joy and jenny

  24. OMG I FORGOT the new region's name in Japanese is ISSHU ISLANDS and ISHU is my pet name so awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  25. Winx Pokemon Fan, it's not Isshu Islands, it's just Isshu.

  26. His eyes WHY!!!!!!!!!

  27. I love pokemon sooo much. But now, everything sux. When Misty left, everything went downhill. they should bring her back. Everybody wants her back!And now Brock is gone, like what the crap people!Post a comment if your a pokeshipper like me

  28. I'm a Pokeshipper, and mostly, I agree. But I must admit, May wasn't thaaaattt bad. Dawn...was a terrible character, but she actually got a lot better towards the end of Sinnoh. It was almost as if they replaced her personality with a Mary-Sueish one, and then at the end, they finally made her good. I also watched some Best Wishes, and Iris was awesome ever since she came on. Seriously. She has a rough personality like Misty (not as drastic, but still), she sees herself as competing with Ash, unlike May and Dawn, who were both all happiness and flowers, AAAND she's a Gym Leader. :D So, it's pretty cool, and Best Wishes seems pretty awesome. Except for Dento. He's evil. (Just kidding, but I really don't like him from what I've seen.)


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