Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Pokémon Basurao, and CoroCoro Scans!

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This is a picture of the Pokémon Basurao, revealed in the Pokémon Black and White game demos. It was in Cheren's team. Now, for the CoroCoro scans.

So, here's the new information we found: 

The Bug Pokémon that we found out about earlier is a Bug/Grass type, and is named Kirumiru.
The stork Pokémon that we found out about earlier is a Water/Flying type, and is named Swana.
In the games, the first gym leader is Dento, and he is in Sanyo City.
The second gym leader in the games is Aloe, and she is in Shippou City.
The player starts out in their hometown of Kanoko Town, and meet Team Plasma for the first time in Karakusa Town.
In a Rotation Battle, you can choose which Pokémon to attack each turn. However, you must be careful and predict what pokemon and move the opponent will use.
The Miracle Shooter allows you to use items in wireless battles. You collect points each turn and later on you can use them to get items, which can be helpful for you later in the battle.
The Battle Subway is where you can participate in seven battles at a time. When you win all seven battles, you earn battle points, and you can use those to get various items. It seems similar to the Battle Frontier and Battle Towers in Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, and Soul Silver.

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