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Pokemon Trivia Post!

- Some of Slowbro's Pokedex entries state that if the Shellder is removed, it reverts to Slowpoke. In other words, it de-evolves.

- Arcanine's species name is the "Legendary Pokemon" despite the fact that it's not actually a legendary in any way.

- Wobbuffet is the only fully evolved Pokemon that can't learn any TMs

- A large chunk of the 3D Pokemon models in Battle Revolution were actually reused from previous games on both the N64 and Gamecube.

- FR/LG has an anti-cheat feature where hacking in Mew would cause it to not listen. This is not in any of the DS games, however. To elaborate, Mew ignores every order you give it, regardless of what badges you earned. Also, the same thing happens with a hacked Deoxys.

- Illumise is the only Pokemon in Generation 3 whose name starts with the letter I

- Some beta versions of Red and Blue list Machamp's original name as "Ju-Doh"

- Magneton is made by three Magnemite, yet weighs 10 times more. Magnemite weighs 13.2 pounds, but Magneton weighs 132 pounds.

- Rock Throw is the only physical Rock attack with no secondary effect

- Tracey replaced Brock during the Orange Islands because the artists thought Brock was racist. Brock came back when no one cared. This is an interview with the former anime director and storyboard artist Masamitsu Hidaka for proof: http://bit.ly/9rTW8l

- The Nidorino that appears in Professor Oak's introduction in Red and Blue has the cry of a Nidorina

- Every Eevee evolution has been owned by a main or recurring character in the anime. Except for Jolteon

- Pachirisu is the only Pokemon without any evolutionary stages allowed in Amity Square.

- The number of stripes on Electabuzz's tail changes on the official and sprite artwork between generations.

- Of all the Pokemon that can evolve, Sneasel has the highest base speed stat.

-In some early art for Venomoth, it was shown having yellow spots on the back of its wings. This was later removed.

- Raikou is the only legendary Pokemon Ash hasn't encountered in the anime or in one of the movies. (NOTE: Kind of. In the most recent Pokemon movie (the Zoroark movie), which hasn't been released out of Japan yet, Ash meets Zoroark, posing as Raikou. I'm still a little fuzzy on the storyline, so if I'm wrong, and I think I'm right, I'll come back and edit it when the movie comes out in English, or when I read a summary.)

- One of Parasect's Pokedex entries says its spores are used as medicine in China, which is a rare reference to the real world.

- Hippopotas and Hippowdon are currently the only Pokemon whose male and female sprites use completely different colors.

- Gold and Silver only have 30 unique sound clips used for Pokemon cries in addition to the previous 37 from Red and Blue

-Red and Blue only use 37 completely unique sound clips for cries. The sounds are played back in different ways for each Pokemon.

- Kabuto's name in some game prototypes is "Att". This might be short for Atlantis.

- In the anime, the inside of Charizard's wings are colored green, but in the games, they are colored with more of a blue tint.

- Espeon and Umbreon are the only Pokemon that can be obtained by more than one evolution method.

- Wartortle's official coloring is inconsistent; its ear color often alternates between white or blue in various official art.

- When Rotom is encountered, the music is the same as legendary encounters. It's currently the only non-legendary to do this.

- Deoxys was the first Pokemon to have its own unique battle music in-game

- In Red and Blue, you were able to use a fishing rod on the Rhydon statues. However, nothing was found unless you used an Old Rod.

- Zapdos is the only legendary bird to never be seen on its feet in a sprite: all of its sprite artwork depicts it airborne.

- Ninetales's name was originally spelled as "Nine Tales" (two words instead of one) in some early copies of Red and Blue.

- Heatran is the first (and currently only) legendary Pokemon that can either be male or female.

- Jirachi and Manaphy are the only two Pokemon who can't be found at an in-game location in any of the main games.

- In the Galactic Hideout in Eterna City, Jupiter has a Skuntank at level 20. Stunky can't evolve into Skuntank until level 34.

- In Super Smash Brothers Melee, Ditto can be summoned from a Pokeball via hacking, but he disappears the second he comes out.

- Some Pokedex entries say that Raichu can discharge up to 100,000 volts. However, its Pokemon Stadium entry only says 10,000 volts.

- Only two Electric-type Pokemon are known to have the "Lightning Pokemon" species name; Electrike and Jolteon

- In the anime, Seaking is the only Pokemon Ash and Misty both owned, but they were both caught and released in the same episode http://bit.ly/brltNu

- Lucas's and Dawn's Platinum artwork shows them holding Repeat Balls. It could be a pun because Platinum "repeats" Diamond/Pearl.

- Every Spinda has a unique pattern of spots. In-game, there are exactly 4,294,967,296 possible outcomes (Not counting shiny).

- In Red/Blue, Koffing's crossbones pattern was above its face, but in the Japanese Red/Green, it's below.

- Rhydon is tied with Lairon in weight, with both of them weighing exactly 264.6 lbs.

- Rhydon appears first in the game's Pokemon index data in Red/Blue. This is why most glitch Pokemon "evolve" into him.

- Croagunk's game sprites show it with pink cheeks, but all of its anime appearances show it with yellow cheeks instead.

- Bayleef is the tallest of any of the second-stage starter evolutions.

- Some of Glalie's PokeDex entries say it has a hard body made entirely of rock, despite the fact that Glalie is an Ice-type

- Corsola and Relicanth are the only Water/Rock Pokemon that are not revived fossil Pokemon

- Eevee is the only Pokemon that is given to you by an NPC in all four generations

- Heracross is the only Bug-type Pokemon able to learn Megahorn, even though Megahorn is a Bug-type move

- In-game, Caterpie and Goldeen have the exact same cry.

- G/S/C are the only games where the starters begin with hold items.

- In Japanese versions of Pokemon, "Save" is labeled レポート (Report).

- Zigzagoon and Aipom are the only Pokemon with the Pickup ability that can keep it when they evolve.

- Spinarak was created in a children's Pokemon design activity in the American Trading Card Game League

- Despite Psyduck's PokeDex entries talking about its headaches and psychic powers, it's not a Psychic type (neither is Golduck)

- The DS game's Pokedexes can list Pokemon by color. Bronzong is listed as "Green", despite being colored blue

- Every Electric-type Gym Leader has light-colored hair. They are also the only leaders to wear military-styled clothes

- Magcargo's Pokedex entries say that its shell breaks easily, but in the anime, it retracts into its shell to protect itself.

- Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee are the only Pokemon that weren't previously related, then later gained a shared pre-evolution

- Latias and Latios were the first legendary Pokemon to have set genders, or even genders at all.

- None of Cascoon's sprites show it with two eyes, despite that it's been well-established it has two.

- Mew can learn Attract and Captivate despite being genderless. However, it always fails unless the opponent is also genderless.

- Mew was the only Pokemon of the first 151 to be left out of the original version of the Pokerap

- Sneasel and Weavile are the only two Ice-types able to learn Surf without being Water-type as well.

- In terms of base stats, Shuckle and Munchlax are tied as the slowest non-glitched Pokemon in existence.

- So far, the only Pokemon who can learn Flash via leveling up is Volbeat.

- Gliscor is actually lighter than its pre-evolution; Gliscor weighs about 93.7 lbs, while Gligar is about 142.9 lbs

- Gliscor and its pre-evolution Gligar are the only Pokemon to have a Ground/Flying type combination

- All official Koffing art shows it smiling. However, all official Weezing art depicts it frowning

- In Generation 1, catching a Mew that transformed results in a glitch where the caught Mew turns into a Ditto

- In Pokemon Rumble, Transform isn't a move, so Ditto can only know Struggle. Ditto is also the only character that can use it.

- Lickilicky is the only Normal-type Pokemon that can learn the move Explosion

- Croagunk's evolution line is the only Pokemon to have a double weakness to psychic-types.

- Golbat and Chansey are the only evolved Pokemon that can evolve to a third form via happiness

- Yanma and Yanmega are the only Pokemon whose names begin with the letter Y

- If Kanto's landscape were made to fit that of modern-day Japan, Saffron City occupies the space where Tokyo should be

- Anime Giovanni's Persian is most likely Shiny; the fur seems normal, but the inside of its ears are pink instead of tan

- No Slowpoke has ever been seen using an attack in the Anime, despite showing up multiple times

- As of Generation IV, Flareon is the only fully-evolved Fire-type Pokemon that cannot learn SolarBeam.

- Japanese Red and Green contain an un-attainable Surfboard item. It's actually usable, and lets you surf without a Surfing Pokemon.

- Lairon does not learn any Rock-type moves by leveling up, despite being part Rock

- Lt. Surge is one of two Leaders who is known to have lived outside of the Pokemon regions; the other is Fantina.

- In G/S, Full maps exist for the Cinnabar Island Lab, indicating it was to be playable at some point

- There has never been a bug-type Pokemon that can learn Fly or Surf.

- Poison-types can't be poisoned. The same goes for Steel-types.

- Acid is the ONLY Poison type move that can not Poison you, and is the only Poison move that lowers a stat.

- Salamence is actually lighter than its pre-evolution Shelgon, weighing 226.2 lbs compared to Shelgon's 243.6 lbs

- An unused ability, Cacophony, is inside the code of R/S. It's identical to Soundproof (allows a Pokemon to avoid sound attacks)

- In Diamond/Pearl, Rain can appear on Route 213, but only if your DS clock is set to July 11, December 2, or December 31

-In Diamond/Pearl, the snow in Snowpoint will change to sparkling snow if your DS clock is set to January 12th

- FR/LG contain the Mach and Acro Bike in the game data. If you hack either into your bag, they work like the normal bike.

- Drapion is the only Pokemon owned by Aaron of Sinnoh's Elite Four that is not Bug-type (the type he specializes in)

- Charizard is the only Pokemon in the Super Smash Bros games that transitioned from a Poke Ball Pokemon to a playable character

- Illumise and Volbeat can be found all day in Diamond and Pearl, unlike real fireflies who are nocturnal

- Every major team/group in the main games have had at least one of their members use Zubat and/or one of its evolutionary family.

- Some pieces of Japanese art for Slowpoke shows that they have the same striped bellies that Slowbro and Slowking do

- In the games and official artwork, Drifloon is purple, but in the anime it is pink. It shares this trait with Nidorino

- Giovanni can actually be battled in HGSS, but is currently unaccessable without hacking. He is only able to be battled by getting a Celebi from an event which has not been released in America yet.

- Morty is the only rematched Gym Leader to use more than one of the same Pokemon (Gengar)

- Nintendo made 6 Pokemon-themed GBA systems. They also manufactured 7 GBA SP models, and one special GB Micro model.

- Giovanni is the only criminal boss not to endanger a legendary pokemon with his exploits.

- Porygon (as well as its evolutions) have never appeared again in the Anime after the infamous "seizure episode"

- There was never a Mew under that truck in Vermilion. However, in FR/LG, there was a note telling you how to get a Lava Cookie.

- In the DS games, hacking the camera to force it into its 3D mode reveals that some indoor objects are actually full 3D models.

- If you plugged in Gold or Silver, the backgrounds were made just for Stadium; they won't appear in a real Super Game Boy

- Prior to Gold and Silver coming out, many websites incorrectly referred to Marill as "Pikablu"

- Prior to the second generation, many pieces of Pokemon merchandise wrongly listed Togepi's Pokedex number as 152.

- The English version of "Mewtwo Strikes Back" portrays Mewtwo as a cold villain. The Japanese version portrayed him as confused

- Pokemon Rumble is the only game where one of the starting characters is a Ratata

- Gold and Silver contain unfinished Safari Zone data. It's one small map with no encounters, but it has 4 types of land inside.

- Most of the Pokemon Mini games emulated in Pokemon Channel are heavily edited from Party, the free Mini pack-in game.

- In the US, preordering Colosseum got you a bonus disc. It contained the transferable Jirachi from other region's Channel games

- in 2006, Square-Enix developed a Pokemon title for cellphones in Japan. It allowed you to chat using various Pokemon for avatars

- In R/S/E, there are several remixes of G/S tracks that are still in the game's data, but are not heard during normal gameplay.

- Grass and Rock have the most weaknesses (5 each), but a Grass/Rock type (e.g. Cradily) is only weak to Ice, Poison and Steel.

- 12 Pokemon in Kanto didn't participate in evolution, while Johto had 19, 28 in Hoenn, and 19 in Sinnoh.

- In the 1st gen, High Jump Kick only did 1 damage in recoil when it missed due to a bug

- All 4 proffesors are named after trees. Oak, Elm, Birch, & Rowan

- In R/B, it was possible to make your pokemon use a move with 0 PP in certain situations, rolling it's current PP over to 63.

- The names of the Soul Badge and the Marsh Badge were originally supposed to be the other way around

- In R/B/Y, it was possible to legally get 255 EVs in all stats on a Pokemon

- The Pokémon Gold/Silver time-keeping battery lasted on an average of about 7 years

- There are two unused Pokemon types in R/B; ??? type and BIRD type (Yes, it's in all caps)

- Lorelei was the only Elite 4 member in R/B/Y to not have two of the same Pokemon.

- In R/B/Y and G/S/C, besides rivals, Gym Leaders, and the E4, the only trainer with 6 Pokemon is a fisherman with all Magikarps.

- The move waterfall was first introduced as an HM in G/S/C, but it was naturally learnable by Goldeen in R/B/Y

- If you attempt to import Missingno into Pokemon Stadium, it comes out as a substitute doll.

- Back in R/B/Y, Hyper Beam didn't recharge if you fainted a Pokemon with it.

- Shiny Pokemon actually existed in R/B/Y, but they just wouldn't appear to be shiny until you transferred them to GSC

- Giratina is the only 2-type Pokemon weak to both its own types

- Ditto cannot transform into a Ditto that already transformed into another Pokemon

- ??? is a type programmed into games that has no resistance or weaknesses (glitch Pokemon get this type a lot)

- In Yellow, you could make your Pikachu very happy by offering him potions again and again, even if he didn't need them

- Oak was intended to be a trainer in RB. Leftover data says that Oak would use Tauros, Exeggutor, Arcanine, Gyarados, and a Starter

- In Super Smash Bros. Melee, all seven starters could appear in fights in some form except for Totodile (Not counting Trophies)

- Both Tyranitar and the Hippowdon evolution line can control the weather by creating sand storms.

- In FireRed/LeafGreen, the Rocket Warehouse passwords are palindromes: "goldeen need log" and "yes nah chansey"

- Gold/Silver and Crystal introduced the phone, which was then forgotten about until Emerald. Then it was lost again in D/P!

- Scyther and Seaking have the same cry.

- Kanto introduced 5 legendary Pokemon. Johto had 6, Hoenn 10, and Sinnoh had 13 (not including Phione)

- In R/B, encountering Missingno would increase the quantity of the 6th item in your bag to 255

- Magikarp was obtainable in all regions, yet in only one region is it available before the first badge (although it's at level 5)

- The maximum amount of points you can receive in Pokemon Snap is 17,378,000

- Defeating the Elite 4 multiple times had no reward other than filling up your Hall of Fame until FireRed/LeafGreen (via stickers)

- There are 38 non-legendary Pokemon that do not evolve or have a pre-evolution.

- Gastly and Haunter weigh the least out of any Pokemon at 0.02 pounds. To compare, Gengar weighs 89.3 pounds

- Any Unown can be caught with a guaranteed chance when using a Dusk Ball or a Repeat Ball (and the Master Ball)

- The names of the three legendary birds each end with the first three Spanish numbers. ArticUNO, ZapDOS, MolTRES

- In R/S, May/Brendan would never battle you with a fully evolved starter

- The original Pokemon prototype was built on a NES. This was done due to the NES having similar physical power to a Game Boy.

- Mewtwo is a clone of the Pokémon Mew, yet it comes before Mew in the Pokédex

- No other rods have been invented other than the Old, Good and Super Rods.

- There is no attack that increases a Pokemon's accuracy (not counting Acupressure; it raises a random stat)

- Emerald and Platinum are the only games where you can rebattle Gym Leaders

- Blue/Red’s only trainers you could rematch were the Elite 4 and the Champion

- Diamond/Pearl is the first game where capturing all the different Unown types actually unlocks something

- FR/LG were the first games where you lose a proportion of money instead of half if all your Pokemon faint.

- A Pokemon's cry changes slightly when its HP is low or when it is about to faint

- If you deposit 999 pokemon in Pokemon Ranch, you can trade an egg for a Mew

- Sinnoh is the only region in which all of the starters gain a second type when they evolve

- Bulbasaur is the only starter to begin with two types

- Porygon Z is the only Stage-3 Pokémon which can be had without hacking at Level 1

- Golduck shares Rayquaza's abilitiy to control the weather by stopping it

- Yellow was NOT the only game in which Jessie and James appeared in. They also appeared in Pokemon Puzzle League

- Smeargle cannot learn any TMs, yet can learn almost any move through Sketch.

- There are 3 Legendary Pokemon that have been of a level that is not divisible by ten (47). (Palkia, Giratina, and Dialga)

- 10 legendary Pokemon have been level 50 when found (Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Cresselia, Mesprit, Uxie, Azelf, Raikou, Entei, Suicune)

- 2 legendary Pokemon have been level 60 when found (Lugia and Ho-Oh in Crystal)

- Rotom is not a legendary because it can breed more of itself AND it will reappear at the TV if you defeat it.

- 3 HMs that have been in one generation have not been in a future generation and never returned, as of yet. (Flash, Whirlpool and Dive)

- In R/B/Y, Pokemon did not heal when placed in the PC unlike in all the other games.

- In R/B/Y, you would ‘black out’, but in G/S/C and R/S/E/FR/LG you would white out. However, you black out again in D/P.

- D/P was the first generation that you could catch Porygon in the wild.

- There are 5 Pokemon that can become pure flying type in certain conditions: Kecleon, Porygon, Porygon-2, Porygon-Z, and Arceus.

- In RBY, Brock gives you the Boulder Badge while still in the battle, whereas every gym leader after that gives it to you on the field screen

- Electabuzz spelled backwards has zubat in it.

- There were only 8 overworld Pokemon sprites in RBY (bird, clefairy, rhydon, seal, plant, bug, pokeball and Ponyta)

- Every ancient Pokemon is part rock type

- If your speed was higher than the opponent in stadium, you could Wrap your way into victory with little to no effort.

- 5 3rd-gen moves couldn't be used when R/S where released (4 became usable in Fr/Lg and the last (volt tackle) was unusable until emerald) Icicle Spear, Blast Burn, Frenzy Plant, Hydro Cannon, and Volt Tackle.

- The move Kinesis was listed in RBY, but no pokemon could learn it.

- Poison attacks were based off of your special stat in RBY.

- In the Japanesse version of Colosseum, there was a bonus disc that allowed you to catch Celebi.

- The only Pokemon RPG that you can't catch/receive a Pikachu without trading is Colosseum.

- Red and Blue collectively are the best selling (non-bundled) game of all time.

- In G/S/C, if you use the radio inside the Unown Temples you could pick up an extra station and hear them making eerie sounds.

- Arceus' Pokedex info says that it shaped the universe with its 1000 arms, yet it can't learn any moves involving punches or hands.

- Fighting is the only type that has never been paired with Flying.

- Charizard and Rhyhorn have the same cry.

- Originally, Pikachu had a dark patch on his stomach and was a lot chubbier. This was changed to make him easier to work with in the anime.

- Female trainers in-game flirt with the main character in the same way regardless of gender.

- Porygon 2 is the only 2nd gen. Pokemon never to have appeared in the anime.

- Mew was the first trademark received for the series (even before the word Pokemon)

- That the first purely metal type pokemon in the pokedex is Mawile.

- New Bark Town in G/S/C is the only starting town where you don't head north from to leave at the beginning of the game (You go west instead)

- In DP, if you evolve your starter before catching anything, you can't continue. Since it counts as a new Pokemon, it thinks you have the Dex

- Lance's Aerodactyl had Rock Slide in GSC when you couldn't get it normally.

- Stadium2's Lt. Surge had a Surfing Raichu with Reversal. That's impossible to get because Reversal is a GSC egg move and Surf is Yellow only

- According to his Pokedex entry, Machamp can through 1,000 punches in two seconds, yet is in the bottom 50% on speed numbers.

- If you use "the mew glitch" in R/B/Y but fight a different trainer and get Magmar instead, it removes the Snorlax by Celedon city

- Poliwrath's D/P Pokedex entry talks about the Pacific Ocean, one of the first mentions of a real world place.

- Despite being Generation II Pokémon, Houndour, Murkrow, and Slugma are actually native to Kanto in Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal.

- Jynx originally had a black face with blue hands. Nintendo had to edit Jynx when people complained the design resembled Black stereotypes.

- Back in R/B/Y, it was impossible to get a non-nicknamed Jynx by its real name. A guy in Cerulean trades it to you, but he nicknamed it Zynx.

- Smeargle's Sketch attack cannot sketch Chatter.

- Azurill can change genders when it evolves.'

- A genderless parent that can breed with Ditto acts as both the male AND the female in the breeding pair as does Ditto

- Sableye and Spiritomb have no type weaknesses. The only way to expose it is by making it weak against fighting with the move Odor Sleuth.

- Out of all the Pokémon whose pre-evolved forms require a move to evolve, Ambipom's is the only one that needs to know Double Hit.

- Linoone has used the same set of sprites in every main game made so far.

- Snorlax was the heaviest Pokemon until Generation 3. It's now ranked 6th, losing to Metagross, Groudon, Dialga, and both Giratina forms

- Weedle, Caterpie, and Wurmple are the only Pokemon who can evolve at as low as level 7 (Via leveling up).

- The second generation is the only generation to have all three starters a single type when they fully evolve.

- The only specific reference to any real-world animal in Pokemon is from Gastly's FireRed PokeDex entry (it talks about an Indian Elephant).

- Dragon Pokemon are the only type to be featured in every Generation's Pokemon League.

- Missingno doesn't exist in Pokemon Green. Only Red and Blue.

- Nintendo once got sued from a magician for naming Pokemon Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam. Nintendo won, of course.

- Buizel (as well as Floatzel), are the only Pokemon that can get the Wacan Berry. They are sometimes holding it when captured

- Girafarig, Ho-oh, and Eevee are the only Pokemon whose names are Palindromes (spelled the same forwards and backwards)

- LIttle Mac weighs 107 pounds in the original Punch Out. The number 107 also happens to be Hitmonchan's National Pokedex Number.

- Mareep is an anagram of ampere, the measure of electrical current.

- Rotom is inspired by Pulseman, a platformer made for the Sega Genesis. It was created by Game Freak.

- In the Japanse version of the anime, Misty had genuine romantic feelings for Ash. This is edited out altogether in the English version.

- Brock once caught a Tauros. But it was in one of the infamous "banned" episodes, so it was never mentioned even once after said episode.

- In the Japanese original version of the game, the protagonist was named Satoshi. This was in tribute to Satoshi Tajiri, the Pokemon creator.

- Pikachu and Jigglypuff are the only Pokemon families to appear in every main game without having to trade them into different versions.

- When Poliwag evolves into Poliwhirl, its swirl changes direction. It changes again if it evolves into Poliwrath.

- Pikachu is in all six regional Pokedexes, despite the fact that it is only known to be native to Kanto.

- Abomasnow (As well as Snover) have the most weaknesses in the game, with 7 different types super-effective against them.

- Only two Pokemon created are naturally weak to no type; Sableye and Spiritomb. However, in Pokemon XD, Shadow moves are super-effective.

- The yellow pattern on a Croconaw was flipped horizontally between the second and third generation of games.

- When the show was first being planned, Ash was originally going to be given a Clefairy. It was switched out at the last minute with Pikachu.



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  2. I actually took this one from another site, I don't actually watch Pokemon myself.

  3. Because she's too depressed to even TRY to make herself happy. LOL.

  4. Nah, I just have good taste and know a good series from a bad one.

    I choose to watch the good ones.

  5. Deep inside, I know you love it. Back when you were popsicle high and we chatted on gmail, the only thing you remembered from that 3 or 4 hours was that Professor Araragi was from Pokemon. :)

  6. Deep down inside I secretly want Brock to be a real human being.

    And I really do sincerely hate Pokemon. It's annoying (mainly because of the Pokemon themselves. If it was only the main characters there....ah, then we'd talk).

    It's pretty obviously when you say a Japanese name it's about Pokemon. Just sayin'.

  7. WOWWWWW. We could pry open his eyes together!

    Wow. You should read fanfiction.

    So what are Konata, Kagami, Miyuki, and Tsukasa from, eh?

  8. I'll skip on reading your Japanese torture porn, thank you very much.

    Lucky Star.

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    This is obviously censorship of a person with a different opinion.


  12. The post "Ash's New Uniform for Isshu". I think there was more swearing in that post as well.

  13. Oh, that. *PHEW* I thought I swore in the post for a sec! Meh, I just see the 'P word' as more explicit. Though the f word isn't G rated, really, it's used more and in my opinion is less explicit.

  14. Except the f-word is explicit, regardless of the definition in use. The so-called p-word is no different than "silent film", "action flick", or "Hollywood blockbuster".

  15. Meh, when someone complains, I'll take whatever they complained about off. :)

  16. I complain about Pokemon being on here.

  17. In a female feline who likes to play games' world, it is.

  18. Not mine's, or Phoebe's, or any of the author's of the 30,000+ fanfictions on fanfiction.net that was written about it.

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  28. that was nice trivia.. I've been watching Pokemon trivia for how many years but there still something in your post sounds new to me. Thank you!

  29. So have I! :) I've been watching Pokemon for about 9 years now and even I found a lot of stuff that I didn't know! :D So, thank you! (Thank you for thanking me, because I'm the admin. XD) Also, sorry for the little comment fight up there. Me and Gamercatgirl can have some long...discussions.


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