Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Winx Sophiex

A totally new outfit , transformations !!! but the wings's shape never changed it's called Sophiex , two new transformation in one season ! cool isn't it , but i like Believix outfit better , that's only me , what about you ?? which one do you like best ??


  1. I think it's awsome :D:D:D
    I like the new outfits even more then the good 'old' believix. I couldn't love the Believix outfit like the Enchantix..
    This new Sophiex is fantastic :D

  2. Wow! Someone actually visited my blog! Awesome! Annelies, do me a favor and tell your friends, ok? Us over here at Winx-Bakugan-Pokemon really try to bring news to our viewers...but we don't have all that many! Hahaha! So stop by often! Also, in the Link List on the sidebar, there are three blogs. Visit them! It's because of Winx-Fairies that I made this blog! And two out of three authors on that blog are authors on this one! And you think I know HTML, I'll learn it when fairies fly over my house. It's the mai author of Winx-Fairies that makes my links, my header. And Una Di Noi has a link to my blog too! Grace Qute's official blog has a link to my site, and the maker of that blog is an author here! So everyone who reads this, the Link List is up for a reason. Go and visit! Also, I liked the normal Believix better. I like Sophix, just not Tecna's. She looks more flowery then techy.

  3. I love Sophix (or what ever it's called...) and I think Tecna's is the greatest! I think it was meant to be flowery, like the fairies we saw in episode 17.

    Flora needs to put more clothes on. It looks like the entire outfit is ready to fall off any minute now.

  4. OMG I love the this new trasformation everything about is awesome when the music is beautifull.

    @ gamercatgirl

    I agre tecna's is the best, followed by Aisha and Stella. To be honest Flora's is a dispointment since new form is more flowery and the that HER element.

    Enchantix is still my fave fairy form.

  5. I don't like this Sopihex thought .... too not nice ...
    @Gamercatgirl - agree , dissapointed , Flora's is too sexy in season 4 *cries*
    @Robin - mine too ! which enchantix you like best ?

  6. Flora sophix= epic FAIL!

    @ Grace

    I like Flora's enchantix the best followed by Aisha.

  7. i know Robin ! i love her enchantix , more like a girl , her Sopix is just ... I almost cried when i saw it ... really .... I thought she's better than that !

  8. Flora's sophix is a BATHING SUIT!!!!!!

  9. bloom and flora look asian when they transform :P

  10. Tecna's Sophiex transformation should be more detailed like her other transformations. :(


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