Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sorry about the lack of posts!

Everyone! Take a look at this picture made by VanissaKawaii! My picture from Gracix!


Awesome, right!? Phoebe, I'll let you post your own!
Also, readers! I need everyone who reads this blog to post a comment! As you probably know, you do not have to be signed up to Blogger to be able to comment! You do not have to say anything except "I read this blog. I will read more." or even "I read this blog, but I do not like it." and tell me what you want to be changed. You can tell me in a comment, or even better, tell me in an E-Mail to imk1047@gmail.com! I will read every single one, but so I'll know it is not spam, have the subject be, "Blog Changes". If you would like to tell me you like my blog, just post a comment. I always read every single one! And if someone thinks I stole something from them, please send me an E-Mail. I want it to be completely professional and private.
And everyone remember...THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING!!


  1. nice blog ! pheobe joined too ! but i heard she can't go online for a week or two ~~

  2. So did I. But that's alright. I'll try to handle it for a little while.

  3. where do you get your banner ? i love it very much ! and your avatar too : )

  4. Avatar? You mean Flora's Believix? I just found it on Google Images. You can use it if you want. My Banner is somewhere on Michael's Winx Club. Phoebe found it. I looked but can't find it. f you asked her when she gets back online she'll tell you. I found it on Una Di Noi, but it was too small so I had to stretch it out. But then Phoebe found it on Michael's Winx Club already big and better quality than mine so I let her put it up. But I kept yours on my Video Page. It had to be up somewhere! They are both super awesome!

  5. thanks ... sorry i asked you in e-mail and here ... I'm kinda overjoy when i saw the banner : ) it's amazingly done !


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