Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rainbow Magicland!

Corny name, right? So, Rainbow magicland is a theme park based on Iginio Straffi's creations. (Winx Club, Huntik, Monster Allergy, etc.) It is coming out in, about 2 years so...the name'll probably get changed a few times. It will be in Italy. I'm 100,000,000% sure that Winx is going to be in it, Huntik, maybe, Monster Allergy, I hope. I don't watch Monster Allergy (Don't watch, I never said don't/won't like it.), but for all of the fans out there, I am rooting for Monster Allergy! I've seen it once or twice, just don't watch it much. Here is some Concept Art for ya, I got it from Grace Qute who got it from Michael's Winx Club.

Here's the concept art!

Hey! You guys are lucky! I tried and tried to upload the pictures and it would always say that an Internal Error (Whatever that means...) happened. But for you guys, I kept trying and...IT WORKED! Lets give a big HOORAY for Concept Art! YAY CONCEPT ART!! Thanks for reading everybody! :)

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