Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Off To Magix For Roxy?

Here's a clip from an upcoming Winx episode! Does this look like Earth to you? Not really, there's a unicorn and a centaur! So, does this mean the girls are heading back to the magical dimension, and taking their new friend Roxy with them?

GIF image courtesy of Lorelei from Winx Club Episodios.


  1. truth to be told , i don't really want Roxy to join Winx Club : (
    reasons ? A lot~~
    First , Flora....
    she can't turn pets a life anymore and be the fairy of nature ... since Roxy took away the "fauna" part ...
    second ,Bloom
    i don't really like her for being the center of attention , but since Roxy came in , she's not the center of attention anymore ~~
    sorry for all the Bloom lovers .

    i know Roxy not joining Winx is kinda imppossible , but i wish just wish she won't ..
    sorry for all the Roxy's fans

  2. I like Roxy! But yeah, Bloom does get too much attention. I am a Bloom fan though. I want Roxy to join, I mean, think about it this way, Flora will finally have a big part of her personality matched with one of the girls. Both of them are IN LOVE WITH ANIMALS!!!! Don't you agree? I hope I changed your mind.

  3. maybe you're right ... maybe i should just accept that she is actually joining the Winx ..
    I can't find any reason why she don't join ~~
    i don't know .... I just don't really like her , but after episode 15 i think she's alright ..
    Maybe the problem is just me ~~


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