Friday, October 30, 2009

Is Roxy an offical Winx? Is Sophix Gone?

I was watching Episode 20 Season 4 of Winx Club (AWESOME!!) and when I watched the Episode 21 preview, I noticed two things:

1. They said "Le Winx" (The Winx) instead of "Le Winx e Roxy" (The Winx and Roxy). Yay! Maybe Rainbow will stop teasing us and call Roxy a Winx!

2. I noticed this too: (I wrote the text) See? It's Believix, not Sophix! Well, does that make everyone happy? Believix is back! If they use Sophix again I'll tell you! Thanks for reading!


  1. They do that occasionally, but I think it's just because they themselves get sick of saying "Le Winx e Roxy" all the time. It's longer...and more annoying. >_< I didn't even notice Roxy was there before. At least she gets some action next episode. As far as the "Sophix" goes, I think it's gone. Those fairies gave the Winx something else at the end of EP. 20. Another transformation, perhaps?

  2. I hope thats the case for the "Sophix" I mean. I had a rater dis taste for that trasformation.


    I believe their is going to be a another trasformation. The fairies that gave them the "gift of destney" sounded like they gave the Winx another "gift" to face another high order fairy from the little Itaian I understand.

  3. All I heard was "del cuore" (hearts). I'm a good Italian speller so I managed to type it into a translator. Yay! I learned more Italian today!

  4. @Ian

    Italian is my fave language now! I've learned a lot from watching Winx :D And knowing a little bit of French helps, too!

  5. @Phoebe

    Mine too! Next to English of course. I like English the best! My mom knows some French. I bet I know more Italian then you. Let's see. But not here. You know where...EMAIL!

  6. Roxy isn't even a Believix fairy. Bloom says it in episode 19. It's the reason Roxy stays behind.

  7. True, I don't think Roxy will ever become a winx. Roxy didn't even get the sophix powers. Roxy may look like a Believix fairy but she doesn't have Believix powers yet. Give it time I'm sure she will get those powers by the end of the season.

  8. Actully Believix is done. Watch the last episode of season 4. Just before the end credits. They are in their ENCHANTIX FORM!!!!!!!!!! WITHOUT ROXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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