Monday, November 16, 2009

Annoucement!! Pokemon and Bakugan Fans Should Be All Ears!!

I've decided that I want more Pokemon and Bakugan writers! Email me at with a brief (or long, I just don't want people not doing it because of the work) reason or why you want to write on the blog, and how hard will you try. Also include your first name, website link (if you have one) and (SUPER-OPTIONAL) your age. If you like both Pokemon and Bakugan, say that. If you love Pokemon and like Bakugan, say that. If you love one and hate the other, say that too. If you lie and end up not posting, you will get kicked off! As simple as that. DO NOT TELL ME IN A COMMENT! I hope I make myself clear, DO NOT TELL ME IN A COMMENT!! I'm not saying don't leave comments, I'm saying email me if you want to be on the blog. If you want to be on, but don't have an email and don't want one, we'll find another way. If you don't know how to get one, I'll leave a temporary post on how. Once again, if you tell me in a comment, I will not count it. I am dankuso24 on YouTube so if you don't have an email but have YouTube or something like that, send me a Private Message. In the email, just tell me why you want to post on the blog, what will you post on, etc. If you like Winx, GREAT!! But you have to like Pokemon or Bakugan too. Once again, email me at!! Thanks for reading!! And I hope I get lots of entries! Thanks!!

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