Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Bakugan Episode Review

Revenge of the Vexos. The new episode of Bakugan. I'm here to write my own review!

So, the Bakugan have gotten the Elemental Energys from the Ancient Bakugan Soldiers. Drago, Elfin, Wilda, Percival, Nemus, and Ingram have evolved. Baron is thinking of moving out of hs family's house, but he just got home and is hesitating to tell them. Meanwhile, on Earth, Mira is worried about Ace & Baron. But Drago reassures her by telling her that Percival & Nemus evolved and will be strong enough to protect themselves. In Vestal, Baron goes to buy some groeries for his Mother. He instead goes to a bridge (I don't know what area in the city it is) and chats with Ace. Ace gave him a device showing some nice apartments for him to move to. Baron likes them, but realizes that he can't pay rent with his small allowance. He says he's going to get a job. Ace suggests bagging groceries and Baron freaks out, says good-bye to Ace & Percival and runs to get the groceries before it's too late. Hydron (he is no longer a prince) is currently at the mall, picking up some translucent orange glasses. When Baron gets home, his siblings flock around him and greet him. When he puts down the groceries, his sister asks him to escort her to the park so she can plant some flowers. (Which were from their garden. If I heard correctly, it was getting too crowded, so they had to move some flowers.) The other siblings invite themselves and come too. Hydron also came to the park and challenged Baron. Hydron had a mechanical Bakugan, Tricloid, if I heard right. He looks nothing like a "Tricloid" though. (Ugh! They say it so fast that you can't tell!) Nemus, was able to attribute change to Darkus using the power of The Ancient Soldiers. I'm assuming that the other Bakugan also have this power. Yet Nemus, was defeated. The Haos Elemental Energy was taken, Nemus returned to his previous form, and the Haos Energy was put in the Bakugan...I forgot it's name. Haha, sorry! That machine of King Zenoheld that will destroy all of the Bakugan or turn them back into balls or something, I can't 100% remember. Sorry!! But yeah, sorry that was so long! Hope it was informative!! Also, if I spelled something wrong, sorry! My spellchecker isn't working. Thanks for reading!!


  1. Wow... long arcticle!

  2. um- can you give more storys like pokemon?

  3. A Pokemon review you mean? Sure! When I feel like an episode deserves a review!


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