Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kinda Translation...

I tried to translate the preview of Season 4 Episode 24 of Winx with Google Translator. This is what I put in:

"Ne tre processo a lastre gonne s'apre mitizzare solee zolla de Tir Nan Og una tra porla mortale sopra parra scartare contro de fate col cosa de tremila sta pere cadere e presto niente sarà pur come preme."

I got:

"As a trial of three plates skirts opens mythicize sun balled de Tir Nan Og in a place it over deadly against de parra discard what you do with the pears from three thousand is falling and will soon be nothing but as a reward."

I did try!! If you have any spelling ideas, E-Mail me at! Or any Ask Brandon questions!! C'mon guys!!! Or just leave a comment! Thanks guys! And girls! Thank you so much for reading!!


  1. “Of three process to slabs solee skirts s'apre to mitizzare sod de Tir Nan Og between porla died them over parra discarding against de fairies with the thing de shakes it is pears to fall and soon nothing will be also like presses.”

    That's what I got! Lol it makes a little more sense!

  2. And s'apre means to open, I speak some Italian.

  3. "solee zolla de Tir nan Og"
    should be "sull' isola Tir Nan Og" =) which means, on the island Tir Nan Og.

    Here's what I got:
    On the island of Tir Nan Og awaits a deadly trap for the Winx. As from then nothing will ever be the same.

  4. Wow. Scary! I can't believe that Ayuko, a mini-mod on, visited my blog!! This is awesome! And you too Layla n Amentia! Thank you so much for visiting!! I guess word really is getting out! Thanks!!

  5. Haha! =p Having affies and advertising is the magic ;)

    + you'll more often find me as Marie ^^

  6. Thanks! And also, I try!! It took A LOT of work and I'm glad it paid off!

  7. Don't thank me! I'm a little person ;) (No seriously I'm 11 and not even 5 feet tall yet.)

  8. Yup, It doesn't matter what age you are to be a fan of winx club 'cause winx is awesome.

  9. I will always like winx!


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