Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Italian Winx Club Site Update!!

First I want to say, Thanks You Marie/Ayuko for the URL's and translations of the pages!

These two pages have really cool updates! (Well, to me, just one. I don't care about clothes, but girls, a whole new wardrobe for you!)


The first one has wings you can wear! Here is the translation:

Wow! New site content has been added.
In the store of magic you can find the first superb wings! What are you waiting for?

How to find the magic store?
Go to the entrance of the park. Below the arc you'll find Faragonda!
Click on her to find the magic store! There you'll find beautiful magical wings!

How to buy?
Just click on the ones you want!

How to wear?
After buying the wings, go back to the parc by clicking on your avatar.
Click on the wings sign in the box of your avatar. (click on your avatar, then you'll find the sign)
And done!
Those are amazing wings!

Attention! The wings can only be in use for a limited time at once(10 minutes), so you'll have to be careful!
Simply click on your avatar to remove the wings.

If you want to change your wings, you'll have to buy new ones in the magic store. But the ones you've bought before will be lost.
You'll have to buy those again if you want them.

Note! From today on you can buy pink stars with paypal or credit card!

Another new item that awaits you in the game is the new map! Teleportation is made even more easy!

So? What are you waiting for? Teleport to the magic store now!

(Thanks Marie/Ayuko!! :D) And here is a Google Translater version. Now, for the next page:

We're already in the middle of the autumn: it's time to find a way to keep the cold away for your avatar!

so here, there are new hats in the fashion store!

There are some for every taste! Hip hop, elegant, sporty, ...

(Once again, thanks Marie/Ayuko!!) And here is the Google Translator version!

Cool! New wings, Mrs.Faragonda is in the game now, new map = Awesome!! Thanks for reading! And don't forget about the Pokemon & Bakugan writer contest! (See post from a day or so ago.) I am still deciding on a end date. Cmon guys! Hurry up and send the email! Thanks!


  1. np ^^

    wish I was still interested in Pokémon but I grew out of it when they replaced Misty T_T

    Never watched Bakugan, because the Dutch dub sucks xD

    I'll RT it on twitter ^---^

  2. I was never into Bakugan I watch and episode here and there. I find it cool show I just can't get over the fact that the bakugan look like little marbles that turn into monsters.

  3. Love Winx Club so much.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Winx Fan,~~~


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