Thursday, November 5, 2009

Winx Lovix!

The new Winx Lovix! For the cold! Kinda like when your parents make you hot chicken noodle soup "with love" that warms you up in the winter! Haha! Maybe that's why it's called Lovix! (Just a joke. But possible!) Here is the video of the Winx's new transformation, Lovix!

Like it? I think it's pretty "cool"! Haha! Get it? Cool? Sorry, I'm in a joking mood. But yeah, it is very unique. I like it! I wonder what the next ones will be! Hmmm...nature, cold, maybe a raincoat transformation! (I hope Iginio Straffi doesn't get any ideas...)


  1. I was thinks some thing like that too Ian. Also a warm heart keeps you warm from the cold or something on that idea.

    I like the designs much better than Shopix. Flora has more cloths on yay :D

  2. Shopix!? Hahahaha!! i hope that doesn't catch on!

  3. I'm really disliking this new transformation for one episode thing >_> If they wanted to sell more dolls, they'd sell Ogron and Gantlos (and Riven) I'd buy them in a heartbeat!

    Outfits suck. What is their fascination with Tecna in short skirts and...are those booty shorts?

    Transformation sucks. Rehashed scenes YAY...(sarcasm)

    Who in their right mind would wear those when the world is FREEZING?!?! It'll be Winx IN Ice now...

  4. Is Iginio Straffi is trying to break record or something with all these transformations.

    Four transformations in one season. Really Iginio!

    What is with the reused scenes? Pure lazyness in my eyes.

    Outfites do suck. What is the deal with Aisha's top? it the same design used over...with things added to it of couse, but it still the same top used for all her transformations in this season.

    The only one I likeed was Flora.

  5. Don't they have Sailor Moon beat by now?

    I like Layla's top, but's unfair that she always keeps hers.

    I thought Flora's was rather inappropriate for the Ice Age they were going through. It's sad when I think Musa's is the best when I despise Musa >_>

    I wonder what would've happen if the Nazi army had Lovix when they were fighting outside Moscow...politics/history with Winx! Coolio!

  6. Yeah winx club sailor moom beat big time with all transformations from each season.

    I din't say I didn't like Aisha's top. I just pointed out that she reused hers.

    Musa outfit is good. Tecna on the other hand. She did have the best outfit design for Sohpix and I like her believix too.

  7. I like them!

  8. I liked it too, Layla n Amentia!


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